Thursday, December 15, 2011


In the October issue of The Patriot, a publication of the National Leadership Institute – Kyankwanzi; Warrant Officer Komwirungi Bosco (UPDF) wrote an article, “9th October and 26th January are twins in Uganda History.” The UPDF officer gets it wrong. The NRM/A revolution whose victory climaxed on 26th January 1986 was incidentally a deceit to the people of Uganda, it would be better referred to as ‘sell of air.’ What was there before NRM took power which is not worse now? Is it the stealing of elections? If those who waged war for the 5 years do not take care, in the near future the people of Uganda may have a lot of questions for them which could lead to prosecution. The NRM took advantage of the donor policies like the privatization and messed it up. Cadres without a shilling got some enterprises without ability to see them move and some have since been grounded. Many may not have cleared their dues to date. Others have looted Government resources to have the enterprises move, yet much of the mess in management of these enterprises prior to privatization were due to mismanagement of some of the NRM cadres who were given the responsibility to see the enterprises survive who instead saw it as opportunity to reward their efforts for the role played in the Liberation war. The NRM leadership has supported a number of people on the patronage ticket, these have been beneficiary of tax payer resources without a clear strategy and the would-be beneficiaries of tax funds have lost out. Talk of the corruption, and the reports from Inquiries which are simply raising dust on shelves without appropriate action, the donor funds which have not benefitted the people of Uganda. The list is long. The revolution may better be termed a liability for Uganda!
The Independence of Uganda was genuine, it is only that the egos of some of the leaders was not in line with the national objectives, hence the eventual developments which Museveni and company took advantage of to sell their ideologies to those who would buy, unfortunately throwing the country into a worse situation. The top leadership succession has been messed up simply because Museveni thinks it is a reward for his having fought for Uganda’s peace, hence the removal of term limits of the President.
William Kituuka Kiwanuka

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