Monday, April 1, 2013


Hello William, It's hard to believe it's been 7 weeks since Taata Kiwanuka passed away...and it's been a difficult recovery for the family. But what really made a difference are people like you...your involvement...the wonderful blogs...and care...during those difficult moments. Things were so hectic I didn't even get a chance to meet you and thank you in person...but I promise I will when I visit again. Have a good Easter weekend. Truly, James Kiwanuka James, Unfortunately, all the works I did have been deleted! It is so sad! I however wish you good life without your dear dad, but remain a united family. THEY INCLUDED: • gallant smack ob and elder basil paul kiwanuka - good governance ... • emmanuel cardinal wamala to receive basil kiwanuka's body at ... • cardinal wamala has conducted mass to welcome basil kiwanuka ... PHOTO IMPRESSION AT THE REQUIEM MASS FOR BASIL PAUL KIWANUKA God Bless you. William Kituuka Kiwanuka Above is a photograph of some of the cells on which I have wasted money only for an idiot to delete my blog! Some people think wrongly that they have a monopoly of ideas, that they are very knowledgeable, yet do foolish things. Much as there is politics on my blogs, for a country which wastes resources into useless things including, we are doing a lot to bridge the information gap. I have attended some functions which many people have not been able to, and the media of a blog has been so useful to get the information across, but then all of a sudden you get a fellow with poor and wrong judgment and he gets all the work deleted. I am sad that we have idiots of the nature. I have spent a lot of money buying cells to get photo images and all of them are no more! I am short of words, but to those who think that they are very great, there is time for everything. I am pained, but I have nothing to do. While some of the literature I had put on my blogs may be recoverable, the photos are completely gone. may be some few may be got from Ugandans at heart contacts from Facebook! It is sad, but that is the world in which we are.

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