Saturday, May 16, 2015


The Government of Uganda has told the teachers to call off their strike for an increment of 10% as there will be no salary increments this financial year. While I sympathize with the parents who have their children in the Government schools, I strictly support the strike of the teachers on grounds that the arrogance of the NRM Government has reached a limit. They claim not to have money to barely increase teachers pay by less than shs 50,000 per month, yet because of the arrogance, they want to increase the numbers in Parliament, because for them Political sense makes sense over economic sense. I say, NO. Let the industrial action continue. I have previously written as follows: When you look at an increment 36 new members to the forthcoming Parliament of Uganda, given the other demands on the economy, you simply understand that our leaders are myopic, with wrong and selfish priorities. If the taxpayer spends about shs 25m per MP, 36 MPs in one year cost not less than 10,800,000,000 and when you add on a car of about shs 100m another shs 3,600,000,000. When you have a Government that is concerned about the welfare of the Public Servants, at least a 10% increment that teachers were promised could have a good boost from over 14bn that the 36 MPs will get from the consolidated fund. Modern management does not call for sub dividing units, but instead making them bigger. In Uganda we need to have a given population represented as the scientific approach not the current fake way. I think the strike for better pay by UNATU as 2nd term starts is a worthy action to the insensitive Government.

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