Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gyagenda who has been pursuing a PhD at Makerere gets shot

The widow of Gyagenga and Gyagenda's body shortly after he was shot dead

Jonathan Ddamulira Gyagenda Nkejje

It is sad and a great loss. i happen to know the deceased as we are from neighbouring home villages and i used to see him a few years ago when he used to tun up to Makerere University for a Masters' degree. The news of his death was so shocking but it is the order of the day for many of us in Uganda where many gun welding fellows are on the loose. The deceased is from a reputable family, one of the brthers is Dr. Gombya Sembajjwe a don at Makerere University attached to Forestry. The same family gave birth to the late husband of the lady who started TASO - Late Kaleba and the Late Lawyer Buyondo. It is a great loss.
Uganda has abig problem with so many people having arms officially and otherwise. There is the problem of so many security organisations many of whose employees are ill paid, but move around armed. The other problem is the multiplicity of security organisations in the country under different command. This is worsened by the fact that many people have officially been taught how to handle fire arms more so the AK - 47.
In Uganda nearly no body can claim to have security. It is only God who helps us to keep moving otherwise.... This situation makes it even more hard to predict what happens next in case some Presidential candidate defeated Museveni in the General polls. We have people who act as if they don't have a single grain of brains they can fight for a person even when the will of the people dictates otherwise.
I remember very well what we witnessed as the late Godfrey Lunkongwa Binaisa gained popularity among Ugandans, those people who have always been enemies of Ugandans but disguise themselves as the best friends of the people are believed to have schemed to make life difficult for Binaisa and we are still reaping the fruits of those efforts.
Uganda currently is like a patient in Intensive Care Unit. Not every doctor is capable of diagnosing the patient given the cronic level of the sickness. The doctor must be a specialist, and it is against that background that we are fronting Ambassador Olara Otunnu given his experience to give the country a new direction as well as diagnosis of the current ailments which nearly have inflicted all Ugandans. The country may better be described to be in comma if one sums up the whole situation; that is the corruption, the lack of trust in the leadership, the feeling of some people being indispensable, name it.
We need to get to understand the situation on going and seek the right remedy. Some people putting off Olara otunnu are actually worse than the Obote we knew. So, the Uganda voters need to excercise a lot od care so as to make well advised decisions so that NRM can become part of Uganda's history.

By Steven Candia
and Francis Kagolo of The New Vision

GUNMEN Thursday, 11 November 2010 morning shot dead an accountant in Entebbe as he drove to Kampala.
Jonathan Ddamulira’s killers, who were reportedly in a Toyota Prado, trapped him at Buzzi near Kawuku on Entebbe Road and shot him three times. The attack occurred at about 6:00am.
The bullets hit his chest, stomach and legs, according to Ronald Kasujja, a passenger in the double-cabin pickup Ddamulira was driving.
The officer in charge of criminal investigations at Entebbe, Fredrick Wetaya, said Ddamulira was a partner in Nexus and Company CPA located at the Teachers’ House on Bombo Road in Kampala suburb.
Ddamulira has been a qualified accountant and a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda for over four years, according to Simon Oola, the institute’s finance and administration manager.
“He (Ddamulira) seemed to be a quiet but brilliant man. He had a master’s degree and was pursuing a PhD at Makerere University,” Oola said on phone last night.
Earlier reports had said Ddamulira was a private auditor attached to the Ministry of Health.
Ddamulira’s relatives were yesterday still in shock when New Vision visited one of his residences at Zzuiru-Wamala, on Entebbe Road.
A relative hinted that Ddamulira was wealthy with farms in Gomba and two residences on Entebbe Road. The deceased, according to the relative, had just won three juicy contracts.
One of the contracts involved travelling to Mbale, where he was reportedly due to go next week.
Kasujja, the sole witness, recalled that as they approached Buzzi, the Prado flashed head-lights onto the pick-up. “We thought that it was the usual greeting most motorists use. After a few minutes, the same vehicle directed its beam towards us.
Suddenly, I heard gunshots and realised they were shooting at us. They immediately drove off,” he stated, adding that Ddamulira, in spite of the injuries and wailing for help, drove the vehicle into a nearby home where he died.
The Police identified Kasujja as Ddamulira’s neighbour at Zziru-Wamala near Kawuku, who often hitched a ride to Kampala.
John Kizza, who stays near the scene of attack, said shortly after the gunfire, he heard a vehicle approaching his residence only to see two men, one of them bleeding profusely.
Kizza alerted local authorities who pronounced Ddamulira dead.
The motive of the killing was unknown by yesterday, but the Police insisted that the assailants were only after Ddamulira’s life as they took nothing.
He is survived by two wives and eight children.


  1. it is near a month since Ddamulira Gyagenda Jonathan was shot but no arrests have been rumoured.What is the police doing?

  2. You may not believe but the locals around Bwebajja said they saw the vehicle suspected to have been involved in the mission around the place and believe that it stays around that place. You know these are symptoms of the decay we have to live with. May the Almighty God grant Gyagenda Eternal Peace.

  3. its now ayear ever since damulira gyagenda jonathan was shot and nothing has been done,is this going to be the order of the day? are we leaving in alawless country?may his soul rest in eternal peace.

  4. It is now two years ever since Gyagenda was killed and still nothing has been done, what a country? Who ever is reporting on this issue should endeavor to report the right information. eg Gyagenda had only one wife at the time he died and 6 children ie two children from the his wife by law and four from his x-wife. The photo above is misleading. Please mind about how other people feel, now, have you ever thought of how Sylvia feels or felt after you published that photo? moreover you are from the same church? what did she do to you? please share because we know her as a very good lady who has a good personality and respectable indeed. Where are the two children? since we only know six.. please clear the air.,