Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Willy, when I read your history of St Mary's several months ago I wanted to share
with you a wonderful memory of that crash of the lorry carrying our soccer
team and cheerers in 1964. I was supposed to be on that lorry as I travelled several times to watch our team play. But as we were doing our Form 4 Cambridge exams in a few months I didn't go this time. We all share in the grief of that event and several of my friends were hurt and some died. But there is one person I would like all of us not to forget. I do not remember his name, but I will remember his actions forever. This story was told to us by one of the survivors:

When the truck crashed there was chaos. But there was one guy who helped so many hurt students taking them to cars or ambulances that were there to help them. He was hurt himself, but he thought only of others. After helping people for about 20 minutes he felt a pain in his head. He knelt down and said a prayer to God. Two minutes later he was dead.

God bless him.

George - you may remember this.

John Nazareth.

The boy's name was Remigio Ssemakula and was in S1.
Dr. George Kkolokolo.

Remigio Ssemakula – (18) - S1 Was born at Kiweesa village about 20 miles from Masaka town. He started his studies late, but managed to pull through. He had his primary at Bakijjulula then Junior Secondary School at Savio. In 1964, he was among the 33 students from Savio who were admitted to SMACK. He had wished to be an Engineer a profession he loved. He liked reading novels, music and Kiganda dance. He had courage and concern about the welfare of others, which he practiced even at his last hour when he helped some of his companions who were involved in the accident before he succumbed to his injuries. May God rest his soul in peace.

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