Monday, January 16, 2012


It looks like many people in Buganda are resigned over the possibility of Buganda Government bailing the people within Buganda to have better welfare. I am one of those who believe that a few changes need to be done at the way things are organized at Mengo before meaningful results are got. The areas which need urgent focus among others are:
1) Having two tear arrangement; that is: one to do with purely cultural aspects of Baganda and the other to do with development aspects of Buganda;
2) There is need to have a small cabinet with cabinet Ministers paid a salary and doing full time work;
3) All people appointed to perform official duties apart from the Lukiiko (Buganda Parliament Members) should be paid;
4) There is need to have the rightly qualified people into the few jobs that should be able to stimulate growth strategies within Buganda. Jobs should be properly advertised and those responding should clearly stipulate what they hope to do to see the Kingdom get moving;
5) There must be the evolving of proper and clear accountability. The business of Buganda Government not being serious with accountability must be a matter of history.
6) The Buganda Government should stop mourning about federo. The investment climate is conducive to generate funds which can bail out the people of the Kingdom.
7) The Buganda Government should encourage call for proposal ideas a few of which may have the originators rewarded in monetary terms. This is one strategy to generate ideas that can work.
8) It is realized that there is demand for food within the region. Buganda Government should come up with strategies which can see redundant land with the people of Buagnda utilized, surely, the owners of such land which may be communally worked on can be paid some returns to the use of their land, while the region gets returns from such undertakings.
9) Buganda should be able to get agro-processing capacity based on the produce on a mass scale by the people within Buganda and much of these can boost the export market and eventually be a means for more income and increased employment.
10) There are rental properties whose use can be changed into academic institutions. It is important to identify these and see them take off as training centres where cost may be relatively reasonable and geared to the strategic manpower needs of the region.

I think Buganda has mourned enough, it is development strategies that will bail the region from poverty based on the liberalized business environment.

William Kituuka Kiwanuka

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