Monday, November 21, 2011


Mr. Bwanika Sir,
The Operators of Taxi's at Kajjansi have moved away from the road side opposite Pan Clays and instead come to disturb the peace and harmony that has been existing at the parking officially designated for the Kajjansi market. I am not in the know whether this was a directive from your office, but it is a wrong move. You are aware Kajjansi plans for a Town Council have been delayed for over ten years now, and you fail to understand who is in control. The area where the taxis have re-located to is not big enough fr the Kajjansi Market traffic which include the vehicles which offload food and those of simple customers. When taxis keep loading from the market park, the food vehicles will resort back to Nakigalala road and a big mess will come back, which we had tried to fight. Secondly, the junction where the taxi's get out from the market is a wrong place given its nature and surely you can not rule out accidents given vehicles from Muchanga/ Bweya side and those coming from Kampala side wanting to join Nakigalala road.

Dear Sir, Kindly do us a good service and have taxis back to where they have been loading from.
Thank you.
William Kituuka Kiwanuka

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