Saturday, November 5, 2011


There are policy issues undertaken in Uganda either out of misinformation are complete misunderstanding of facts or simply in a corrupt way. For those who know the advantages of computers apart from those who delegate to secretaries even emails there is no good reason why used computers were banned from being imported in Uganda. This was wrongly got to, and it is likely that importers of new computers wanted to improve sales hence got to convince the Ministry of Finance otherwise, for those in the know, the computer monitors which are a problem could be avoided as today we have flat screens, but in an impoverished country like Uganda, one ought to be simply illiterate of how cheap used computers can help the people otherwise, this ban is simply ill advised and should be reversed as soon as possible. It is true that we have a number of policy makes who don’t even know how to use google. Uganda needs used computers without any question because we cannot afford new ones. Keeping the ban is simply doing a dis-service to the people of Uganda.
William Kituuka Kiwanuka


  1. you are very right mr William,iam called moses lubega,i was dealing in used computers in kampala,still in though at small scale.what do u think we can do to have the bill reversed.because i can inject in some money to facilitate

  2. We need to get the law makers see sense in the logic of having used computers around. The best way our children can study is accessing these used computers, we cannot dream of what we cannot afford. The law makers need to see sense and reverse the unfortunate law.