Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Former security agents demand terminal cash


Posted Thursday, February 23 2012 at 00:00
Former internal security operatives have cried foul over delayed payment of their terminal benefits worth Shs75 billion.
The chairperson of the ex-Internal Security Organisation operatives, Mr Jeff Kiwanuka, told journalists in Kampala yesterday that they would be forced to appeal to the Supreme Court to attach government property if payments are not quickly processed.
“Some of us are sick and cannot even walk. We have no money for treatment. We appeal to government to quicken the process because the situation is getting worse every day,” he said.
At least 900 former operatives were retrenched between 1992 and 1995 and sued government in 2004 over delayed payment of their benefits and won the case.
The court also ordered the government to give each claimant Shs500,000 as general damages for transport, medical allowances plus their terminal benefits.
But in 2006, the former director of civil litigation, Mr Joseph Masiko, petitioned the High Court to review the ruling but court upheld its earlier judgement.
However, in a January 31 letter, President Museveni directed the Attorney General, Mr Peter Nyombi, to expedite the process and pay the operatives.
“This is to direct you to expedite the payment process of the former employees of ISO,” the letter read in part.
Mr Kiwanuka is not aware whether the AG has responded to the President’s letter, but said Mr Nyombi was in touch with their lawyers.

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