Wednesday, February 15, 2012


The construction of The Church House is proceeding well so far, however, the question remains as to whether the infrastructure will really help cure the financial problems of The Church of Uganda. On ground, many who are serving in various ranks within the Church of Uganda are poverty stricken. The poverty from my point of view is because those who serve in the Church wait to get whatever is collected in the Church out of which they are entitled to get a salary. Secondly, many within the Church ranks lack enterprising skills, this is against the background that a number of Churches have land as a basic resource.
Church House has insignificant contribution by the Church of Uganda, a part from having a prime piece of land which ought to be mortgaged to some bank as of now given the astronomical amount of money required to see it to completion yet we are told that there is some other party who helped to see the development take off, which party has to get what is due to him before the Church gets any dividends.
The way forward for the Church of Uganda is to review the training which is given to those who are to serve in the various ranks within the Church such that they learn skills that can help them generate income secondly to what is officially due to them (if realized). A case in point is a zero grazing cow. If the Church can start a scheme which helps those serving in its ranks to acquire cows, with one cow in a number of places within Uganda, it is possible to subsidize one’s income. Those serving in the Church should equally spearhead the involvement of the Church followers in innovative aspects which eventually can help the families to generate income out of which they may easily save to donate to the Church.
Lastly, the Church should stop deploying unskilled Reverends in positions which require specific skills. If it is estate development, it is better to deploy someone who has the training and capacity to see such estate land create worthy value to sustain on the Church developments. The era of having a Reverend just elevated to manage departments when he/she does not have the skills has ended.
William Kituuka Kiwanuka

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