Friday, February 10, 2012


It is sad to see former lovers scheming for the death of one another simply because of property. You can now imagine the situation in which Nampijja's child will grow in when she gets to understand that the scheme aimed to end the life of her mother eventually claimed the father. The child has blood from both.
Parents ought to be very careful with developments that traumatize their children for life.
William Kituuka

By Agatha Ayebazibwe

Posted Friday, February 10 2012 at 00:00
In Summary

Investigation blow. According to Mulago Hospital spokesperson Dan Kimosho, the suspect, who was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit, suffered a cardiac arrest and died in the wee hours of yesterday.
A key suspect in the January 28 incident in which former Rubaga South MP Susan Nampijja and two others were attacked has passed on at Mulago Hospital where he has been receiving treatment after an alleged suicide attempt.
However, police yesterday said they are not giving up with the investigations, saying there could have been accomplices.
Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson Ibin Ssenkumbi said investigations will continue since they are not certain that the suspect was alone or with other people.
“Investigations were delayed because the victims could not give us a statement. They will inform us of the next step,” he said.
Mulago Hospital spokesperson Dan Kimosho said: “Doctors tried to stabilise him but because he had mixed the poison with alcohol, it quickly spread through his entire body system, rendering it difficult to have the substance removed,” Mr Kimosho told Daily Monitor.
The suspect attempted suicide a day after he allegedly attacked Ms Nampijja, stabbing her several times on the head together with two of her housemates. He was was found unconscious in a lodge the following day and taken to Mulago Hospital where he has been for nearly two weeks.

Out of danger
Meanwhile, Case Clinic has said Ms Nampijja is out of danger.

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