Monday, February 6, 2012


Not long ago, someone told me that shs 1,500,000 was needed by some body in the Administrator General’s Office to process the Letters of Administration for the Estate of the deceased. I told her that for me, there is no such free money to Government employees. We are having these problems because people are not educated enough about the official charges and the right procedures to do certain things. Some time ago, I was told that people were parting with at least shs 25,000 to get Birth Certificate. I called to that office and after paying the official charges in the bank, I demanded to know when I had to check again to collect the certificate and the period was 3 weeks which eventually got to a month. If it is a requirement by law to have certain documents, it is incumbent upon the responsible person’s in these offices to see that their officers don’t cheat the clients. I am one of those who is not ready to pay any bribe to any Ugandan, though, in the cases where the Uganda Police is involved, I am told that it is the norm at many Stations to pay something to have these people move, this is under the cover that they don’t have facilitation to execute what they are Constitutionally mandated to.
This is therefore to alert the Administrator General that some of the people who are manning things under him are cheating the public and that way they are able to make ends meet. It is wrong to sit back while such acts are going on. Rather, it is better for the office to negotiate to see that official charges are legally increased and that out of such increment, at least some increment is made to the salaries of the staff. It may be better an alternative if the office decides to make clients to pay a fee call it whatever so that out of that fee they are able to pay a top up to the officers, but it is unethical for no good justification to demand say shs 1,500,000 from a client to help him get the Letters of Administration of the Estate.
William Kituuka Kiwanuka


  1. Paying 1,500,000 is too tough for a government employee, take for example India and Pakistan, they pay every less compared to others to get a certificate. In todays world life means money, previously it was Love!@bose
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  2. It is too much that some people have lost their inheritance because of some of the civil servants who have needed money than helping the people who have lost their loved ones. Someone has stolen other peoples inheritance from Barclays bank after and property when the deceased gave her money before she died. She was granted letters of administration and sold the land where her dad is buried who she say gave her powers to look after his property and the grandma recovered it. Now they have done the same giving her powers without consulting other beneficiaries and luky one has managed to take all without considering other family members especially the heir of their late dad.

    When we tried to get help as there is still one living administrator from the granddad he was told that there already someone with file No. 03121 who was granted letters of administration for the deceased in question when the head of the family had also applied due to the disagreements among the the beneficiaries who the late's Will was not in their favour.

    The family and friends all over the world are wondering what is the Administrator Generals Office for? Helping people or business on day-to-day basis. Now after writing to the adminitrator general, File No. 2418 is missing and the person in charge was transfered.