Monday, February 6, 2012


When you move around and see the effects of the weather we currently have to the environment, the water resources, the dust and warm conditions at night where one may not need a blanket, it becomes logical to look for the possible causes of such conditions. Last year Ugandans who have some understanding of the importance of vegetative cover (forests) were at ‘war’ with a Head of State who was committed and may be is still committed to giving away part of Mabira Forest. When we get such harsh weather, it is a hard warning to many who take the weather conditions for granted. We have some of our leaders who have lost it for the sake of accumulation and personal enrichment! We are at a time when there are exposed scandals regarding deals of oil. It is common sense that man can not go away with abuse the extent we have in Uganda by some of our leaders who deceive the people that they love them while inside and in practice they are looting the country resources. Many of the poor are surely voiceless; however, it is important to have a grain of sense in one’s head. We have time and again warned the people of Uganda against re-electing Museveni into the Presidency of the country, but what is shameful is that in a good number of polling places, Museveni continues to get surprising results. It is true, while in some instances the NRM Party may be playing some tricks to establish the winning figures, it is also true that common sense for some people has really failed them and at the end they keep crying.
For our sins, and continued support of the evil NRM Governance given what we have on record of its evolution and how some of its leaders have looted the country, we deserve the type of weather we are seeing. Until we get sense in our heads then may be things will change for the better. We have amidst us people who confess to be very religious, but some of those people are not ashamed to loot what they get to help others. We have friends who have received donor money to put up infrastructures, and when you go down, there is nothing worth the mention of the money yet they enjoy happy livelihoods. The moment we turn away from the bad we are doing, may be God will change and stop punishing us. Our leaders ought to get the message clear, until many get a sense of ownership of what they are doing now, we shall keep suffering until we can denounce them.
God, help the people of Uganda to isolate devils among them and also help us do what is right.
William Kituuka Kiwanuka

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