Thursday, December 6, 2012


For dictators like President Museveni, who think that they know it all, that they are always right, the experiences his administration is going through in his 6th term as President of Uganda (where each term is 5 years), is the best punishment for leaders of his type. Never had some people thought that Museveni could go and campaign for an NRM candidate in a by-election, and people instead decide not to give that candidate simply to punish Museveni. For those of us who have some understanding about how funding, it had always been a cause of concern as to how President Museveni was getting money to throw around towards general elections, yes it is true that some business interests have supported his party, the amount used is so great as was experienced in the 2011 elections where people in markets around Kampala were given shs 40,000 in cases cited, not forgetting areas where whole villages got free T-shirts with the President’s portrait! It is now clear that failed projects, including the Identity cards were affected by the diversion of funds to help the President’s effort come back to office at a time when many voters thought that his time had long expired as Head of State. In the Saturday Vision of Saturday, August 4, 2012, under Museveni Speaks out on Succession, the President is quoted to have said as follows, “he would have retired to his farm already, but when he scrutinizes people who want to take over from him, they all lack focus to drive the vehicle. Some just shout Museveni ‘agende’ (Museveni should go). I would not have any problem with this, if those who want to come after me take my ideology. But when I realize that they lack proper ideology, I hesitate, he said.” Yes, there is nothing in form of a better statement that a man who is in love for power like Museveni would have made. He always has millions of excuses to give, as if his role in Uganda has taken the country to the moon! It is absurd. If Museveni is serious in wanting one with his so called vision to take up the mantle of the office of President, then the country is doomed. If the funds Uganda has got ever since Museveni took power were put to proper use, the country would be a million miles away. But, the president has the courage to state that he does not see one with the capability. Yes, it is true that there are people who have the brains, but can stand those with guerilla mentality who can do whatever is possible to grab power. Such people just sit back and do their business, and leave politics to those who want to reap where they did not sow. President Museveni talks about democracy, but the democracy he imagines is that which does not challenge the seat he has enjoyed since 1986! What better irony? Just the politics of creating new districts simply because those who cherish them can help him get some votes, Museveni wrongly convinces those who can be convinced that he is practicing Human Rights. But, he is not sure of why he at the same time cannot allow those who cherish the Federal arrangement to have it! It is absurd when one goes to places like Mulago that medical practitioners there still love their country where the President has decided to have useless lawmakers and pay them handsomely as long as their numbers is one reason that the NRM keeps having majority? Uganda now needs a leader who understands economics as reflected in the welfare of the people, creation of value, maintaining the manpower instead of having manpower migrating to Rwanda because Rwanda values them, hence can afford to pay a reasonable salary. We are seeing killer diseases like Ebola and when one gets to the depth, it eventually emerges that these are fruits of Uganda’s foreign policy, the policy of involvement in each and every neighbours business such that at the end of the day we reap diseases. The HIV is spreading fast simply because though people know how to contract it, the circumstances and hard economic conditions Museveni’s governance can only do one thing, create a favourable situation for increased spread of the virus as a few haves use the opportunity to exploit the have-nots including students and the final outcome is the HIV spread! It is unfortunate that year after year after the Museveni ‘victory’ in 2011, the country is experiencing more hardships. The 1st year, the super hyper inflation as created by the money poured into circulation nearly killed the economy. While we thought things would be better, we get to learn of billions of donor funds put on individual accounts for them to enjoy, at the same time a bank was able to allow ghost accounts opened for pension beneficiaries. And, what we see is the donors eventually getting to learn that they are dealing with players in a country that are just stealing what would help the people in need. That is how sad the Museveni governance has got as he wishes to stay longer in office. It is now everybody’s concern that the Museveni administration can be trusted with OIL. God help Uganda given the mafia. William Kituuka Kiwanuka

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