Wednesday, December 5, 2012


The lady on bed in 3A at Mulago is a mother who was attending to her business at Kireka and a boy who is alleged to have been drunk and unauthorized to drive a car lost control of the car he was driving. It crushed the lay's leg to the shape it is in and also her daughter who is being attended to at another health unit. The call is to parents who see their children as great people and just leave keys any how, and these lousy children pick vehicles hence injuring other people who may be found doing their own business. And to the Police, it is sad how such criminals are handled. You may not be surprised to see them out on Police bond before they have made any commitment to seeing to the welfare of their victims.
It is by grace of God that the young man in the photo images is alive in ward 3A at Mulago. When you see his multiple wounds, it is when you get to think that motorists should not be handled with kid gloves. It is thank you for the great work by the Doctors i Mulago who attend to these patients with no welfare worth mentioning. William Kituuka

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