Saturday, December 15, 2012


MP CERINAH NEBANDA DIES EARLY AT 24 BECAUSE OF HER POLITICAL BELIEFS, SHE HAS FOUGHT A GOOD FIGHT. Cerinah Nebanda at 24 has made an impact among the Young Parliamentary Group who have all along given Museveni a headache. Her death at such a tender age is due to her strong heart and always ready to tell Museveni and those who worship him the truth for the good of our mother land Uganda. She joins a list of many since the NRM Bush war whose death remain suspect. This morning at CBS 88.8FM, in the news when her death was announced, there was an attempt to play her sound bite as she used to call at CBS for the 'Paliamenti Yaffe' programme at 10.00am on Saturday, and even this Saturday she was expected! Deaths like this one exposes the NRM. I denounced the Museveni revolution from the day he went to the bush, yet I got to understand him better when he was there getting us off Entebbe Highway as we said no Lule no work. To me, Museveni is not part of the lessons of Good Governance that Uganda needs. Unfortunately, he has been able to use those who want wealth as stooges to advance his wishes. I for one, till my death, Museveni is Uganda's number one enemy. We are now aware of his relation with Kadaga. Simply because Kadaga is loved by the people because she is a people's person, Museveni has developed bad blood. Overstaying by Museveni is very unfortunate. The MP is dead as many have died due to unclear circumstances, but Museveni will continue, only that one day, he will also follow those who have died during his time. If Ugandans were not corrupt, the death of the MP would be an eye opener to those who can still vote Museveni. The MP has been a thorn in the fresh of NRM and she may have been eliminated by anybody, but to those she has been fighting, they are happy she is gone. It is not possible to rule a country called Uganda for 30 years when you are clean. May the Good Lord Grant the youthful MP eternal peace. And for Museveni, my prayers remain, he is Uganda's problem and only God can get the country free of him. God that is my prayer. William Kituuka Kiwanuka

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  1. anyway we shall miss though museveni calls her a rebel mp