Monday, January 7, 2013


A few months ago, Robinah Namukasa was diagnosed with a Tumour as per the documents above. She needs to travel to India for treatment. However, Robinah has no funds and what she is doing is to fund-raise to be able to get the treatment which is overdue. The purpose of this communication is to kindly appeal to all of you who can give some assistance to help. Robinah is now at home and has meetings on Thursdays where she resides near Calendar Guest House - Makindye Kirundu Zone. The meetings have so far realized shs 11m and she is targeting about shs 40m, meaning that she still has to raise 29m in the shortest possible time in an attempt to see her life saved. Dr. Muhumuza of Mulago is the Consultant who is attending to the patient. Donations can be deposited on A/C No. 206200002891 in Finance Trust Bank - Katwe Branch (Kampala) in the name: Robinah Namukasa. She also has Mobile Money on Tel. No. +256 782 465464 Her efforts to see the amount raised have led to a decision to look for a buyer for a piece of land whose title is being processed. The land 100ft X 100ft is found in Ssisa Sub- County, Wakiso District at Lumuli near Hossana Estate.
Robinah is most grateful to all who have contributed money and all other support to see her travel to India for treatment. She welcomes all possible efforts by all to see her get the treatment. God Bless you all. Robinah Namukasa

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