Monday, January 7, 2013


For anybody to suspend Pathologist Dr. Onzivua, he/she MUST have money on his account to pay the Doctor when the Doctor goes to court for a fair hearing of his case. We went to school to be responsible people. I would like to know what the authority who is suspending Doctor Onzivua would have done if he/she were in the Doctor's shoes. It was not the 1st time that Dr. Onzivua was doing that type of work, and because he knew what was expected of him, he approached his bosses in the Ministry of health who cleared him. 2ndly, the family was an interest party to know the cause of death as is the case when anybody dies in Uganda and the relatives call for a postmortem report. Third, the Doctor was cleared by Parliament who have authority even to fire the authority who wants to suspend Dr. Onzivua. In Uganda, let us be mature people. Many people cannot stand on their two legs for the truth. Dr. Onzivua, from the information availed to the press was executing his normal duties. The politics of third world countries is what we have to face in the case of Uganda. Let the President suspend the Doctor and NOT his administrators because in the circumstances the Doctor had no crime, and actually should claim for damages for what he has suffered so far. We are chanced to have the likes of Dr. Onzivua around, where some people who have looted Uganda are not bothered as with their loot they can afford to go abroad and get treated at times on tax payer money. Those of us who are for democracy and Human Rights will stand firm against the likes of Museveni until their conscious tells them the right thing to do. William Kituuka Kiwanuka

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