Monday, January 28, 2013


The Lord Mayor has cried out aloud given the challenges he faces in Kampala. However, Lukwago ought to have known that those challenges were anticipated. It is the NRM in Government, and Kampala is the focal point of money and business. No Head of State can sit back and leave an opposition candidate to run things as he (the Lord Mayor) would have loved. What Mr. Lukwago has to do is being smart. It is out of fashion to publicise with the "For God and My Country" when Lukwago sincerely want to do work for the people of Kampala. Mukyala Musisi is scoring for many who work in Kampala. The new market about to be opened is to her administration's credit. There were a few trucks for hire at the site, just visit the area and see the work of people who are planning. Lukwago talks about little pay, however, many people who are doing MORE WORTHY work for Ugandans like the Surgeons don't get anywhere to what he see's as little pay. For what reason does Lukwago really need more money than Jennifer Musisi - I see Jennifer putting in a lot of brains and a lot of risk and deserves even shs 50 million for her work. Lukwago may have made a mistake in taking up the role of a Lord Mayor. Those are positions for people who have made money and are not bothered by salaries, instead they are ready to make donations from their accumulations over the years. Lukwago should stop mixing his work with Kiiza Besigye if he wants to make any impact as Lord Mayor. Each has his 'lubimbi', it will be absurd to find Lukwago completing 5 years as a disgruntled Lord Mayor. The accountability he is asking from Jennifer Musisi could easily have influence from above where the poor woman may like many just have to take instructions, and she may not have many places to run to. The best Lukwago should do is to see that he makes lives for those within and those who work in Kampala better. His arguments and resorting here and there will not do much. he drives a very executive car. When Jennifer Musisi tries to discipline the taxi drivers so that they can pay, Lukwago instead says Musisi has a safe house! My friend Lukwago, better grow up. leave chaep politics. many can vote Musisi as an achiever given the so many hurdles there in Museveni's Uganda. William Kituuka Kiwanuka

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