Thursday, February 7, 2013


In 1973, the Late Wilson Ssonko was Manager of Mityana Tea Estate (at Bakijjulula) under the Mitchell Cotts. The Late was a parent not only for his children but to many of us. I was in Primary Seven at Namutamba Demonstration School with his Late son John Semwanga. In 1976, his other son the Late Joseph Kimbowa was admitted to form one at St. Mary's College Kisubi, when I was in form three. From then on wards, the Late Ssonko made it a point to send a vehicle to collect us from school as well as take us to school, and by the way, the vehicle would collect me from my fathers' place! While in holiday, the late Ssonko would send a vehicle to collect me so that I read with the Late Semwanga and the late Lutaaya! I was encouraged to read more so when i realized that Semwanga was better compared to me at Mathematics (given that he was attending at St. Henry's College Kitovu). Back to school at St. Mary's Kisubi, I was able to get the services of Mr. Malengane who was then teaching us Mathematics. In the games time, solving mathematics problems becaame my sports, and by the time we sat O 'level, I could feature among the best 5 students in the whole S 4 class of about 120 students. It is sad the Lord called Ssonko and three of his sons for whom he toiled so hard to see well educated. I wish to thank the Late Ssonko posthumously for the love and care as well as guidance he gave us. It is such guidance that is helping us to try to push our 'lost leaders' into line as we advocate for good governance. May the Almighty God grant our father the Late Ssonko eternal peace. William Kituuka Kiwanuka

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  1. Thanks Mr. William Kituuka for this post of 2013. The post has been a centre piece in getting in touch with our 'lost'daughter of Joseph Lutaaya who died in an accident in Lesotho South Africa.
    Let the God Lord Bless and reward You More