Thursday, February 7, 2013


Before coming up with a law to stop children / infants being taken to boarding sections of the schools, one ought to be aware of the situation on ground. It is a fact that many parents more so single parents take the children to the boarding section having done a lot of calculations and found that these will offer relatively better situations to their children. Some parents by virtue of their jobs have no time for their children. Sometime children were found very dirty and a teacher tried to find out what actually was going on at home. It was found that these children were staying with their father who would find them already asleep and leave before they were awake. These are real situations which we have to live with. It is also true that some parents by virtue of their jobs do such work which is not good like running bars from their households. It is better for such children to be in a boarding section than grow exposed to what takes place at home. So, what Government has to ensure is that the children in boarding schools get the right care, but declaring them illegal would mean that not much research has been done to establish why such facilities may be better given parent circumstances. William Kituuka Kiwanuka

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