Thursday, February 14, 2013


Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala the main Celebrant at the Mass conducted at Basil Paul Kiwanuka's residence Nalukolongo Wednesday, February 14, 2013 told his congregation that the mass was to welcome Basil back home for the last time. Basil who went to Nsambya for treatment was brought back today as a parcel! Cardinal Wamala sent condolences to Basil's children all of whom are around now as well as the grand children. The Cardinal said that death is a wonder, many understand death in a narrow sense he said. "We also never get used to death," said Cardinal Wamala. He said that it is painful whenever there is loss, and this time; the loss of Basil Kiwanuka is so painful, so touching. The Cardinal said that Basil had in life been grateful to the care offered to him by his children. They could at times take him out of the country for treatment. Basil Kiwanuka was fortunate not to have looked into the grave of any of his children as they are still alive, it is their mother who is dead. Children need to use his example in thier service delivery. He would have got all possible honours, as he has served with such a calibre that is hard to come-by these days. He has served faithfully his nation and the Catholic Church. He began with the Lord, and he has ended with the Lord. Cardinal Wamala wished him the treasure worth his effort. The Mass started at 11.30am and lasted just one hour. This was after one hour and ten minutes from the time the body was delivered home. Cardinal Wamala arrived shortly after the body and he had time off as various people greeted him. Among the members of SMACK Community, I was able to identify Hon. Paul Kawanga Ssemogerere and Ambassador Sendaula; 1st Deputy Katikkiro at Mengo. There were surely other OBs, but these are not known to me by name. You must be sure that Basil was put in a coffin worth any top class personality in Uganda; and two Uganda Funeral Service vehicles. It is indeed a worthy send off that he really toiled for while alive. I had some moments with Kiwanuka, Basil's son from USA and OB of SMACK, at least he has been firm. Thank God. It is sad that I took photos but unfortunately, the camera seems to have got some technical problem and I am unable to get them downloaded. William Kituuka Kiwanuka

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