Thursday, February 7, 2013


I thought I was in dreamland when I heard a news item on radio One that the youthful Minister for youth had told a gathering that Uganda Government would like Church collection strategy using baskets phased out! This is against the background that the 'bubbo' (baskets) keep many from places of worship, hence Government would like to put money into the budget to cater for those collections! What is absurd, is that while some of our leaders go to places of worship, they don't seem to pick a thing there, otherwise, they would not be corrupt and killers of the people through the implementation of programmes that simply impoverish the masses. The question then , is where do such people get the heart for concern that people should be bailed out on collections so that they can turn up in bigger numbers? Like the Government has struggled to create districts even where potential beneficiaries did not need them, this one is another of the similar schemes, may be targeting to get votes come 2016! For those who may not be in the know, all is not well in the Government of Uganda's purse, in fact one needs to be a great brain to make out a better situation if Museveni left tomorrow and he/she has to run Government. The amount Government has to pay in servicing foreign loans, the local debts, that is amount due to suppliers of various services is just incredibly big yet with yawning resources! It is even a greater priority paying better pay to Civil Servants many of whom survive on corruption while others don't even know how they are able to make ends meet. The situation of UPE, USE are some of the priorities Government has to address other than think of helping the collections in Church. William Kituuka Kiwanuka

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