Thursday, November 15, 2012


The road from Kasubi Township to the Kasubi Tombs
Entrance to Kasubi Tombs - The Guard House
Another view of the Kabaka Guard's House
The Guard House from Inside the Kasubi Tombs
The House with photos of the Late Kings of Buganda and works of Art on sale
The Map of Buganda Boundaries and King Mutebi II
Sir Edward Tours and Travel is based at Kasubi Tombs
Burial Ground for "Balangira" Clan
The Back view of the Kasubi Tombs as they look now before works are started to re-construct them.
The look of the Kasubi Tombs before the destructive fire.
Some of the houses, where 'Nalinya's' have been buried
The Hut in the middle was constructed to show UNESCO delegation the appearance of the tombs structure after the fire burnt the Kasubi Tombs.
Closer view of the demonstration hut for the tombs structure
Houses for the widows of the kings
The office block to be used by the company which will re-construct the Kasubi Tombs
Timber which was brought to the site earlier on to help in the re-construction of the Kasubi Tombs

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