Thursday, November 8, 2012


Surely, for how long will the people of Uganda keep looking on and making our country look as if it does not have civilized brass as one man's rule keeps the country in reverse gear. Uganda is a country so gifted, with manpower capable of seriously taking us to the 1st World. But talk of people who think they are knowledgeable, with selfish agendas, which have no capacity of taking the country forward, but in reverse gear. Even those you would think have the brains within NRM look on. We are seen as a laughing stock. So many years of Museveni's rule, if it were a well guided group of leaders (none could have taken the country that long - a part from one who thinks he is above the law), the country would surely be a real darling of the people of Uganda. But some of us cannot believe that NRM has the brains that fail to work when they see Museveni? Surely we demand better. Following developments in USA, we want also to move from the stone age and get on to the road to development, the stumbling block currently is President Museveni who does not want to give way to able leadership. Able leadership is different from using tackics to see himself in office and secure. Please NRM we need Uganda to move forward. William Kituuka Kiwanuka

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