Saturday, November 17, 2012


The Late Father Siméon Lourdel was the second of the five founders of the Catholic Church in Buganda (part of today's Uganda), he passed away at the age of 37! At ten past one in the afternoon of the 12th May 1890, Father Siméon Lourdel died at Rubaga near Kampala (Uganda). You are fortunate that you are still alive today. If the Almighty creator decided to terminate your life now, would you just pass on? What repute are you leaving behind? Have you been accused of stealing the resources of the people of Uganda, and somehow been protected? Have you lived a life of luxury with least regard for those who are deprived? Has it ever come to your notice that when you die not any significant possessions of yours will be packed with your stinking body? And do you realize that even a coffin worth millions of shillings does not make sense to a dead body as the dead is unaware of what is going on? Time is now to re-think. Don’t be confused that you fought and it is a right that you loot the assets of Ugandans. The time is now, to clean your house. No level of accumulation will make you enjoy endlessly. Better get back to the right senses, and do what is Godly as you prepare for your last day which is a matter of time. Father Lourdel died at 37, and today he is remembered for his good works, what will you be remembered for? At least it should not be embezzlement of the resources that would benefit all the people of Uganda. There is no justification to assume that because someone above you gave instructions, hence the reason why you implemented the wrong instructions. We all need to know that it is because we went to school that we are assigned the duties we take up. Why then act as if you did not go to school such that you take instructions which by any common sense are wrong? God help change your bad ways which are responsible for keeping others in misery. William Kituuka Kiwanuka

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