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St. Mary’s College Kisubi, one of Uganda’s premier secondary schools, was founded in 1906 by Reverend Father Raux Modesta, a brilliant French missionary of the White Fathers society, who abandoned a lucrative post of Chaplain in a French College and came to Africa to found what was destined to become a great College. Father Raux arrived in Uganda on foot from Mombasa and immediately embarked on setting up the institution to which he gave the motto “Duc in Altum” (aim at the highest). And this has been the central axis motivating SMACK’s lofty achievements. Its alumni are found in every layer of society and in every corner of the world. Many of them from modest backgrounds have been turned into very prominent doctors, scientists, researchers, professors, lawyers, etc in line with the motto. St. Mary’s College Kisubi has always initiated important projects in Sciences, Mathematics, languages, Sports and other Extra-Curricular activities. SMACK’s special minds wherever they are, regardless of their various academic levels and achievements, they respect others, they love and serve society whole heartedly, and they often pose as models in positive leadership. SMACK is just an adequate symbol that displays how the missionary factor in the region has been a tremendous success. I wish Kabaka Muteesa I (1861-1884) who invited missionaries to Uganda and eventually gave them land was able to look at a place like Kisubi Hill with all its academic institutions. He would very rightly say he really deserves to be called one of the wisest founding Fathers of modern Africa! As a product of SMACK, I humbly salute the White Fathers who due to their love for Africa founded this College of international repute. I also salute the Brothers of Christian Instruction because of the way they have efficiently administered this great institution, making it a star model. And I warmly salute all those who have always sacrificed their energies for the College. And for our most beloved Alma mater, I am proud of its glittering contribution towards the edification of modern Africa. Long live SMACK! By Dr. George Herman Kkolokolo (Paris/France) Mugwanya House LORDSHIP RIGHT REVEREND BISHOP MICHAUD’S LETTER TO STUDENTS OF St. MARY’S COLLEGE KISUBI DATED 26th OCTOBER 1941 My Dear Students, You Must Be The Leaders In Uganda. “I wish to take this opportunity of expressing my sincere gratitude to Reverend Brother Maurice, Principal, for the very keen interest he has taken in his work for this College, and the way he has led the students. I have also to express my gratitude to all members of the staff for their loyal support and their unfailing efforts for the good of the school. Last of all in this connection, and I think, the most important of all, I have to pay tribute to your spirit, boys, a spirit of real determination to do well which has animated you, in this, and in past years, a spirit which has earned success and which promises well for your future. And this brings me straight to the subject of my address to you, To-day – YOUR FUTURE… You must become LEADERS. The aim of St. Mary’s is to produce Leaders in Uganda, in Africa. And you will never turn out to be leaders if you are not a personality; if you are not a character, a person having strength of mind. You must be somebody… To be somebody, is to cultivate oneself, to study to make progress, with a heart full of enthusiasm, and a soul thirsting for beauty, eager for perfections; and no drawback, no suffering, can prevent us of reaching that goal.” St. Mary's College Kisubi celebrated 100 years in 2006 since it was started as St. Mary's School by its founder Reverend Father Raux Modeste. From its founding, through the years, the focus has been among other things academic excellence, and its target is to be the leading Secondary School in Uganda across the board. This year (2012) Uganda has celebrated 50 years of Independence, and in those years, it is academic excellence that the school products have to show off as well as excellence as leaders in the various working careers locally and internationally. I take this opportunity to expose to the whole world the truth that SMACK products have been performers. It is great that many students have lived to the wishes of Bishop Michaud as indicated in his letter part of which is quote above. William Kituuka Kiwanuka - Editor (SMACK CONTRIBUTION) 1. PROFESSOR TOM OTITI HAS RISEN TO GREAT HEIGHTS AS A PHYSICIST AND RESEARCHER Please visit the link below for details and photo images (you can copy it and put in your browser):

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