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Prof. Kakoma has passed on. We thank him for the spirit of Nationalism. May the good Lord reward him in eternity
When people die, there is the concern by many that they have not been rewarded while alive. Rewarding people while alive calls for a proper yardstick in place against which this type of people should have their works measured. My view is that for the people in public service, the reward they look forward to is the pay cheque they take home at the end of the month and what such pay can purchase in terms of goods and services. This pay made real sense in the 1960’s and before, but as of now, it is a sad story. The badly depreciated Uganda shilling is simply a scandal and is greatly blamed on the mismanagement by the NRM Government. When the take home pay makes sense in actual terms, it is a fair reward for one’s efforts, but if a person does sweat for years and has nothing to show for it, that is the sad story which may be blame able on economic mismanagement. We are well aware of people who do odd jobs out of Uganda and have been able to support their families, put up structures and pay fees for relatives. The reason why many civil servants are near paupers is mostly blame able on economic managers who have wrong strategies and priorities upside down.
William Kituuka Kiwanuka

The late Kakoma lies in state
Members of Parliament yesterday expressed mixed feelings about the late George William Kakoma, the national anthem composer. Kakoma’s body was brought to parliament for members to pay their last respects to the fallen professor. However, although all members we spoke to praised him for his work, they took issues with government over failure to treat him, compensate him for his song and disrespecting the lyrics in his song. Below are some of the reactions.

Bahati David (NRM)
Kakoma made a timeless contribution to this country and we shall always know him by what he did. He leaves a challenge to all of us to ask ourselves what am I doing to serve my country?

Odonga Otto (FDC)
I feel like blocking my ears every time they sing the national anthem. What Kakoma had in mind when he was composing the song is clearly the opposite of what is happening in Uganda. He talks about liberty, peace, love; all these don’t exist! They are not here.

Col. Fred Mwesigye (NRM)
Kakoma is one of the best brains, innovators and is an inspiration to the music, dance and drama; a subject that is normally despised at university. He will be remembered as one of the sharp brains because it wasn’t easy to compose that anthem. There was a lot of competition and a lot of sieving. Uganda has had regimes and those regimes have had their success stories and failures.
When Kakoma was composing his song, all Ugandans had great hopes to achieve what is in that song. Some have been achieved, others being worked on and others being improved on. NRM has tried rated at 80% in achieving what he said. The opposition in Uganda is antagonistic not advisory. For them, they don’t see anything good but are obsessed with coming to power by whatever means.

Onzoghu William (FDC)
I am annoyed with NRM government. They are reaping from where they never sowed. Museveni is compensating fools who don’t deserve this. Look at Basajjabalaba’s shs169bn! He got money for work which he never did. Kakoma stands a firm pillar to Ugandans because of what he did. People have come and challenged all past regimes, but no one has challenged what he did. This government is stupid. I know death is for all of us but if there is proper care, someone can live for some more days. What led to his death was lack of care. I think he should be buried in Kololo so that all kids in the country will always go and pay homage to his grave. I am also annoyed with the peanuts government contributed to him. His family deserves compensation and the late should be honored because he is a hero not similar to these concoctions we are seeing these days by Museveni.

Yaguma Wilberforce (NRM)
He was an intelligent man. For someone to compose that song which has stood a test of time; must be an intelligent person and I think it is the reason God rewarded him with more years (89yrs) far above the life expectancy (60yrs). However, I was disturbed to hear that he died without having a home in Kampala. That he died in his in-law’s house! Such an important person to die like that? I wanted to go and visit him but I also failed because I failed to trace where he stays.

Anite Evelyn (NRM publicist)
His death is not only a loss to his family but also to Uganda as a whole. We are weeping because what he did was meaningful. It is a big loss and he shall always be remembered. I am sure without him, Uganda wouldn’t have had a beautiful national anthem. The government should take care of all his immediate off-springs. He was a true patriot whom everyone will always refer to.

Oleru Huda (independent)
He was cheated by government. What is shs50m they gave him? What he did by composing this song is something we shall remember him for until God says this is the end of Uganda. He wasn’t a politician. What he did was unchangeable. His words were purely selected. If government can consider something for his family it is okay.

Okyoh Peter (NRM)
It is unfortunate that we have lost one of the leading figures in the political history of this country. As a former political education teacher, Kakoma did a lot to shape this country. It is unfortunate that he died when still demanding for payment of his copy right dues by government.

First published: 20120412 2:29:54 PM EST
Ultimate Media
Members of Parliament are demanding that government compensates the family of George Wilberforce Kakoma as his contribution for the composition of the national anthem.By the time of his death, Kakoma, who composed the national anthem, was still battling in court for an 800 million shillings compensation for his composition. Speaking during a special session to honor the late Kakoma at Parliament, Rubaga South MP, John Ken Lukyamuzi noted that. Kakoma had died without government fulfilling his wishes. Lukyamuzi said this was the opportune time for government to come out and make good of its pledge. Masindi Woman MP, Bintu Jalia on the other hand cited countries like the United Kingdom, where a professor of the late Kakoma’s status is paid for his similar works. Bintu says for every time that the national anthem is played; Prof. Kakoma should have been paid. Bujenje County MP, Kabakumba Masiko also lamented over the weakness in the copyrights laws, saying musicians and composers should benefit financially from their works. Dokolo Woman MP, Cecilia Ogwal called on government to recognize Prof. Kakoma posthumously with a special medal for his contribution to the country.

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