Saturday, April 28, 2012


UGANDA NEEDS A JENNIFER MUSISI CALIBRE OF WOMAN FOR PRESIDENT Ugandans who are patriotic and believe in democracy agree that Museveni must retire by 2016 latest. If that is so, the country has the challenge in who can be supported for the highest office in the land. I love Uganda for among other things being a leader in many strategies a part from the Presidency where we have proven a bad example.
Men have messed up the country for 46 years; since 1966. Time is ripe to flood a woman with votes, a woman who can turn around things, a woman who will not give patronage of the Museveni type chance, so that the few exploit the resources of the country. A woman who will not give chance the corrupt to go away with the loot, the so – called “Bagagga bato” (young millionaires) who are conduit of the looted national resources. Such a one with the abilities and braveness of Jennifer Musisi can see Uganda out of the mess.
Time is now to look for that saviour woman. Meanwhile, President Museveni can start farewell parties throughout the country. We surely believe that he sees the signs showing RED for him come 2016.
Farewell Mr. Museveni. Wish you a fruitful retirement come 2016. William Kituuka Kiwanuka

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  1. you quite rightly are separating politics from competence. as a public manager, she is able. the values she promotes are not out of kilter with real life descency. Most of all she is damn articulate - she has to be given her background.