Monday, May 14, 2012


Given the way Ugandans would wish Museveni out of State House given the hard economic conditions he has created for the people of Uganda, he still has an escape route that can give him a new lease of life up to the end of his current term which is 2016.
Museveni's problem is that he fails to accept that a normal Head of state for a Banana Republic like Uganda cannot be in office over 10 years ad he remains relevant. Museveni cannot believe that Ugandans have lost trust in his ability to deliver for their welfare. I for one would not love to see Museveni stay long in office because his stay is recipe for disaster for he seems to create more problems each day he stays in office as more stories come up regarding the corrupt nature of his Government and how billions are lost as he looks on moreso when at times he is aware of the processes before releases are made. The ID business, basajjabalaba, to mention a few. The message is clean ad clear: "Time up Mr Museveni." But Museveni like 'Ndiwulira' will not let go. I am of the opinion that at least people can stand him if he can see the federo system of local governance a reality in his remaining time. Short of that, the future is very uncertain. William Kituuka Kiwanuka

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