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Source: Exploring Disease in Uganda Posted in ->Health Issues No Comments » It pains each of us to see our fellow man suffering the ravages of disease. The country of Uganda has been hit by waves of outbreaks that require the utmost care and precaution be taken by anyone who chooses to visit the country. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) along with other health organizations provide warnings on symptoms to watch out for as well as steps that can be taken to reduce the likelihood that you pick up one of the contagious diseases when you visit the country. What specific diseases does one need to watch out for when visiting Uganda? Dengue is an illness that is common to many subtropical regions. It is spread through the bite of infected mosquitoes, so when traveling within Uganda it is important to wear an effective form of mosquito repellent, as well as to sleep under mosquito nets in order to reduce the risk of being infected with this illness. The rainy season is the most common time of year for the disease to be passed on, so extra precautions need to be taken if you plan to travel during the rainy season in Uganda. Fever, severe headaches, and nausea are all symptoms of dengue, so if you are exhibiting any of these you should seek medical attention immediately. Yellow fever is another disease that has had a reported outbreak in Uganda recently. Yellow fever has not been seen in large numbers in Uganda for over 30 years, but this recent outbreak has caused a big push for mass vaccinations throughout the country. To date more cases have been reported in the northern part of Uganda, so if you intend to visit this region it is important to ensure that you are properly vaccinated before you embark on your journey. Since yellow fever is also passed by infected mosquitoes it is important to take the same preventive measures that apply to dengue. Disease is a sad fact of life, not only in Uganda but the world over. By taking the proper steps to prevent being infected, the spread of disease can be halted. If any of your future travel plans involve visiting Uganda be sure to take the necessary steps to protect yourself, so that you can enjoy this beautiful country. Mar 21 How You Can Help the Children of Uganda Posted in ->Assistance No Comments » Mother of AfricaThe nation of Uganda is very much a country in crisis, and the children of that nation face many road blocks to their success. They are not alone though in their fight against the problems caused by civil unrest, extreme poverty, and the AIDS epidemic. With over two million orphans there is an extraordinary need for volunteer support. There are a number of programs that provide directly for the needs of the children of Uganda, but they are always in need of more volunteers. Non-governmental organizations along with community groups are helping to slowly stem the tide of the crisis. What kind of necessities do these organizations supply? Shelter, food, education, and medical care are among the most basic needs of all the children in the world, and volunteer groups help to care for these needs for many of the children of Uganda. Promoting worldwide awareness of the effects of the HIV/AIDS epidemic has led to a greater outpouring of support to the millions of children that have been orphaned as a result. Education programs provide orphaned children with not only the primary school education necessary to get a good start in life, but also the secondary and vocational education necessary to find a job and live in a self-sufficient manner. Family empowerment programs provide counseling and social support for children who have lost parents as a result of the HIV/AIDS crisis. These programs also promote education about the disease and ways to prevent contracting it. Improving the socioeconomic status of orphaned children through business and financial training allows them to now only help themselves, but also to help others. Those infected with HIV/AIDS are given access to drug therapy and routine medical treatment, as well as counseling to help them cope with the disease. These initiatives have brought about big changes, but there is still so much more work to be done. In order to continue these programs all need financial support as well as the help of volunteers. If you are in any way able to provide support, whether as financial support or through volunteering your time and efforts, it will make a difference in the lives of the children of Uganda who need your help. Mar 11 Programs Offering Assistance in Uganda Posted in ->Assistance No Comments » Uganda Needs HelpUganda is one of the many third-world countries striving to meet the developmental goals outlined by the United Nations, but it is impossible to accomplish these aims without the assistance of more developed nations. Programs set up to help Uganda reach its goals touch on many aspects of life, but there are two main focus points that these programs tend to promote to accomplish the most good for the entire population. One of the areas of focus is education. Education initiatives started by various organizations have provided much in the way of improving Uganda’s educational system. An overarching goal that has been set for all under-developed nations is to provide primary education for the children of the entire nation. Countless studies have pointed of that children who receive at least a primary school education can avoid many of the problems that plague those with no education at all. Canada has been an especially big proponent of improving Uganda’s educational system, and ensuring that as many children as possible have access to it. Unfortunately in the northern section of Uganda the current armed conflict has worked to stifle the efforts of these organizations to provide the needed education to the children who live in that area. Initiatives to educate women and provide them with equal opportunities have also had a profound effect on the quality of life of women in Uganda. Empowering women to provide for the needs of their children, and educating them on methods to develop sustainable communities makes for healthier communities in general. Especially in rural communities, and emphasis has been laid on reaching out to families to make sure that women have the necessary access to midwives, pre-natal and post-natal care, as well as education on finance management. These assistance programs have been designed to help the people of Uganda help themselves on the road to development. To continue in operation these programs require volunteers and monetary support. Each one of us has the opportunity to change and to save lives by volunteering, even in a small way, to support programs and initiatives designed to make the world a better place, one country at a time. Apr 19 Things to See and Do in Uganda Posted in ->Uncategorized No Comments » One of the most beautiful natural sites in Uganda are it’s waterfalls. While the country is known for being able to see endangered primates like gorillas and chimpanzees, it is also known for several beautiful waterfall attractions. Uganda is one of the few places on the planet that is divide by the Equator. Additionally, it is said to be source of the mighty Nile River, which eventually runs north to spill out into the Mediterranean Sea. Uganda also shares the beautiful Lake Victoria. One of the most visited waterfalls is Sipi Falls, near Mt. Elgon. It’s really a series of three waterfalls near the base of the mountain. Additionally – the country is home to Murchison Falls, another beautiful waterfall, and the country’s most popular waterfall to visit, as well as being home to a national park. Also, you can go on tours to see endangered species, and local wildlife on safari tours. For example, Murchison Falls offers a three day safari tour where you can not only see the waterfalls, but also get glimpses of some beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. You get a drive across the savannah, lunches, and a three hour boat ride! Quite the experience, for sure! There are other safari tours in country as well that are probably comparable in price and length. Most of them have accommodations built into the price, as well as all three meals each day. It would be a wonderful vacation and a trip of a lifetime! While Uganda isn’t always at the top of most people’s vacation destinations, it does have some beautiful attractions that would make an incredible trip. Feb 7 Reaching the Orphans of Uganda Posted in ->Uncategorized No Comments » As Americans we commonly view childhood as a time for kids to attend school, play, interact and generally prepare for adulthood. The orphans of Uganda are not so blessed; instead their lives are full of want, neglect and uncertainty. Years of civil war, AIDS and unimaginable poverty have created more than 2 ½ million orphans in this country. What can the every-day American do to help the orphans in Uganda? The orphans in Uganda need everyday necessities if they are to survive. They need the basics such as food, shelter, apparel, medical care and education in order to go forward and realize a future. There are many religious, medical, education-based and non-profit groups that work with community groups and local organizations in Uganda to help the orphans achieve a healthy, stable life. The government of Uganda does not subsidize education and therefore schooling is beyond the financial means of most families, much less an orphan. Many groups (Children of Uganda, UNICEF etc) are in Uganda setting up educational programs in hopes of reaching the most vulnerable population, the children. AIDS is a huge concern in Uganda. Not only are children orphaned by HIV/AIDS but they can themselves suffer from the disease; without medical care these children are facing certain death. Most experts agree that to control the spread of AIDS requires education and sadly, education is severely lacking in Uganda. The best way to help the orphans in Uganda is to browse the various groups lending a hand in Uganda. Look for verification that any monies you donate actually wind up used to benefit the children rather than lining some bureaucrat’s pocket. Throw a local fundraiser, ask for your congregation to have a special offering one Sunday a month, have a bake sale- donate whatever money you raise to a reputable Ugandan relief group. You might be surprised how good it feels to simply give a little of yourself to a cause so noble as helping the orphans of Uganda.

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