Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Those in Uganda Government that want to see how employment creation can be made real can try with Namutamba. Namutamba Parish is found in Bulera Sub - County of Mityana district. This area had the pole of growth as the Europeans in the name of the Lea Wilson's who owned Namutamba Tea Estate and Dairy Farm. The economy of this place revolved around the empire that had been created by the Lea Wilson's. Ambassador Ssempala and Dr Sezibera the Secretary General of the East African Community are some of the fruits of the creation by the Lea Wilson's who started Namutamba Demonstration School which helped groom many Ugandans. The empire however slowly collapsed after the estate was sold off following the insecurity of 1972. Namutamba Parish has slowly deteriorated such that poverty is the norm as the tea estate was no longer functional together with the dairy farm. However, many crops can grow in Namutamba. What is important is to get a strategy to see to increased production in the area. The following can be done: 1. Encourage people into forming single sex self help groups as an innovation which may see them mobilize resources for saving and eventual investment, 2. Helping reach the farmers with better methods of production such that the farmers who keep cattle are encouraged to practice zero grazing with artificial insemination, 3. There is need to see at least one big retail outlet in the area which can as well serve as a whole sale outlet for smaller units interested in buying from them instead of having to go to Mityana 12 or 13 miles away, 4. Opening a well facilitated health facility to help the sick in the area so that they don't have to go to Mityana for simple ailments, 5. Opening a buying centre for the agricultural produce by the locals and selling this produce to Mityana or Kampala markets, 6. Eventually opening up a dairy plant to process the milk which can be a lot given the many people of Rwandan origin there, 7. can start fruit canning as fruit trees do well in the area, 8. Can open a maize mill and also make animal feeds. 9. Need to open a microfinance centre together with Mobile money facilities 10. have an Internet cafe operational in the area.. I am ready to cooperate with any serious person or Government in seeing Namutamba as a case that can be used in implementing workable employment given its past potential. My Contacts: William Kituuka P.O. Box 2678, Kampala. Email: My other works can be accessed on the following links:


  1. I would like to know what the basis is of your slander of another church as we are all suppose to be believing in God?

  2. Whether I get your question right, I happen to belong to Church of Uganda, however, at Primary level, I loved studying at St. Mary's College Kisubi, and in 1974, I was admitted to that school up to when I completed my Higher School studies. By accident, I found myself working on the History of the School prior to the centenary in 2006. Since then I have not seen it a contradiction.

  3. Namutamba is like a diamond yet to be discovered. With the right business strategies, sound market placements, Namutamba Tea Estate can be a powerful contender in the Tea production game in East Africa and the world! Namutamba needs to embrace the evolving times and make some tough decisions, for instance putting on board some foreign investors – this will ensure a constant capital follow, bring forth the implementation of new technics of effective farming and the installation of 21st century state of art machinery hence maximizing productions. The land at Namutamba is fertile but is that enough? Your Friend in South Africa – Pretoria. TMR.