Tuesday, May 22, 2012


It is wrong for Lukwago to get involved in projects like eating in Kampala city markets and thereafter calling rallies which attract the Police to use teargas hence antagonizing businesses.
It will make a lot of sense if Lord mayor Lukwago's pay rise is used in better utility projects. If the vendors are evicted from places where they are a cause of insecurity to those who use the city, it is great to sit down and plan to see where they can be helped to go to. Secondly, it is true that many people target the city centre because that is where many people pass by, but this does not give them the right to claim that they have to do their businesses there. William Kituuka Kiwanuka Mayor Lukwago gets payrise, now earns sh33m a month Publish Date: May 22, 2012 By Brian Mayanja The minister in charge of Kampala, Wilson Muluri Mukasa, has recommended a new salary structure in which Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago’s monthly salary will be doubled to sh33m. The minister confirmed to New Vision online that he had forwarded the structure to the President, but he was not willing to discuss the details. Municipal division mayors and the councilors will also get an increment. “Recently, I briefed the President about the general concern of KCCA politicians. Their salary package is very low and needs to be reviewed,” he explained. He said whereas the current structure had been approved by the public service ministry, it had generated serious debate. Under the current KCCA pay structure, the Lord Mayor earns sh16.7m. His deputy takes sh11m, municipal division mayors take sh10.7m and councillors get sh4.45m. Meanwhile the KCCA executive director earns sh36m, her deputy and other directors get between sh22m and sh27m. Asked about the proposed salary, Lukwago declined to comment, saying he had not received any official communication to that effect. However, sources within KCCA said discrepancies between the salaries of politicians and those of technical staff had been causing tension. This prompted the minister to revise the structure. During a recent reconciliation meeting, councilors from NRM and opposition all agreed that their salary increment should top the agenda when they discuss the KCCA budget soon. “Technical people are earning more yet we also monitor KCCA activities. Now that we are going to debate this financial year’s budget, the salary increment must feature on top as one of the issues that must be addressed soon,” a female councilor explained. The Lord Mayor and municipal division mayors are the only politicians who are considered to be permanent employees of the authority, according to the KCCA Act. They are paid from the consolidated funds. The city councilors are part-time employees and they are paid from the local revenue collections. The minister’s concern comes at a time when KCCA is planning to spend about sh78.8b on salaries under the newly-approved staff salary structure in the next financial year. According to the Treasury Service Directorate Standing Committee report for the third quarter of the 2011/12 financial year, the funds will also cater for medical allowances, workman’s compensation, NSSF contribution and gratuity for management staff. The ministry has the mandate to approve, set a salary scale and employment standards for KCCA staff. The Government recently approved a new KCCA employment structure of about 1,000 employees, including permanent and support staff.

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