Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I knew Yusufu Nsubuga as Lawyer of Kiiza Besigye all th way from 2001, however, what surprises me is hoew Nsubuga has kept quite all that long and only came out a few days over the land issues in Kampala. It is sad, if some one in the NRM Government is using the opportunity to reverse the progress that Jennifer Musisi has achieved so far. Modern management which seems to fail NRM given opportunism and that wish to grab, would dictate that KCCA and the Land Board would resolve their differences behind closed doors, but the current out bursts are simply a big shame on the part of NRM.. This is the reason we have people disguised as owners of property when actually they are holding it in trust of others. The way the Government would handle the matter is to have the land for markets developed on behalf of any potential users, such that Government and or the local governments simply collect market dues. The vendors in the markets can organize any arrangement for their own development, but not to construct the market. William Kituuka Kiwanuka

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