Tuesday, May 1, 2012


When you look at the cross section of what is in the local road side market, you can really appreciate the potential that Uganda can exploit for the betterment of its people. 5 Good Reasons to Invest in Uganda's Agriculture Sector With its excellent natural endowments, fertile soils, adequate rainfall, Uganda is a low cost producer for coffee, tea, cotton, tobacco and a number of high value agricultural export crops such as cut-flowers and asparagus. With improved efficiency, this natural advantage can be exploited to make Uganda a major exporter of agricultural produce and agri related products. Market prospects in Europe and the Middle East for Uganda's non-traditional agricultural export products such as flowers and horticultural products are excellent. Uganda's agricultural exports to the European Union are tariff free under the provisions of the Lomé Agreement. Uganda with its relative food surpluses is already exporting food to the neighboring countries - a ready market already exists. Uganda has over 18 million hectares of arable land of which less than 30% is currently under cultivation. The Uganda Government supported by donors has put in place a number of schemes to support the development of Uganda's agricultural potential. These schemes include credits to private farmers, export incentives as well as marketing assistance.

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