Saturday, June 2, 2012


President Museveni portrait appears on the banner welcoming those going to Namugongo for Uganda Martyrs day, June 3, 2012. Unfortunately, President Museveni has not lived by example. If he were, the Constitution of Uganda would not have been amended to give him unlimited lease of life, which act in itself is ripe for disaster. It is not clear why during Museveni's term in office which is over 26 years now, there has been a lot of moral decadence. The corruption which eats into the tax payers sweat is one thing which has been badly handled. There are some big people who are so rich and their riches can only be corruption connected. If Museveni had given way after his '2 terms,' the future of the country would be better. The President has stood in the way for the Federal system of local governance. It is hoped that the President wants to have the national cake in his hands so that he is able to slice off the little and have the balance for his adventures including involvement in regional wars which are a big cost to the country. It is unfortunate the unemployment levels in the country. Surely, Museveni cannot sit back as so many youth yawn without any viable jobs to do as come people are busy buying land. William kituuka KIWANUKA

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