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The state of the nation address President Museveni. -------------------------------------------------------------------- By Emmanuel Gyezaho & Online Team Posted Thursday, June 7 2012 at 17:00 5:00pm President Museveni congratulates Madam Speaker Kadaga and parliament for the 11 bills passed, 40 motions and resolutins for better or worse. Says government had to reject some of the resolutions because they were malicious. But others were good. Notes some of the work parliament has been able to do over the past 12 months like reports considered 23, ministerial statements 35, other statements 15, questions-7, among the bills passed the companies bill 2009, prohibition torture 2010, transfer of convicted offenders 2007. Thanks the Madam Speaker and technical staff for what they have been able to achieve and requests the committees to consider what is pending and what can be attended to soon. Congratulates Margaret Zziwa who was elected EALA speaker. says there was no official candidate because NRM did not get time to get one. Also notes that he personally intervened to ask some of the heads of government in EAC to withdraw, and especially President Nkurunziza of Burundi who withdrew a candidate. Details The ones who benefit from stealing the elections are the opposition, it is because they lack the support of the people. I was part of UPC for 5 months from Sept 1970 to January 1971. I told Obote what to do and he didn’t do it. I was also in DP, Museveni continues, I supported DP strongly and told them what to do and they didn’t do it and I told them they would never see the inside of state house. So madam speaker with these few words, I thank you so much. Museveni: Madam Speaker is it in order to have people of bad manners on that side (pointing at the opposition). Kadaga: Our rules of procedure require that when a member is speaking, you are listened to in silence. Kadaga subsequently adjourns the event, inviting the President to a cocktail reception in honor of his speech delivery and the opening of the second session of the 9th Parliament. Parliament is adjourned to next week Thursday at 2pm to receive the Budget speech. 4:50pm President Museveni notes that there has been an increase in HIV infection rates in Uganda. Urges that measures to close the gap of promiscuity should be intensified. He also notes that the government has started tackling the issue of Nodding Disease, though one of the lead advocates for government intervention Betty Anywar failed to attend the government launch of mass treatment of river blindness. This is because there are some suspicions that Nodding Disease maybe caused by exposure to River Blindness. Details On the performance of Ugandan economy last year: Soon after the elections of last year, the economy hit what I had long anticipated, some bad time. Owing to some drought and increased regional demand, commodity prices went up and this was also because of increase in world prices. It is actually good news for serious investors to have this big demand in the world. The price for steel has gone up, as well as the global price of sugar. The price of fuel has also gone up around the world. Additionally the economies of the West are in decline because they have been living beyond their means. We earned $449million from Coffee but the year before it was $267million; why? Because the demand for coffee is much bigger. But some of the years before it went to as low as $120m. The price of sugar is now 3000 per kg. With just 3 turbines operational at Bujagali, there is already a remarkable change. I am told industrialists are excited. They have shut down their generators which were making them bleed. Those who were predicting doom last year, they are now ashamed. Nevertheless I cannot forget to say shame to the charlatans, shame to the liars, shame to the opportunists. Besigye’s lawlessness added to the problem of the loss of the value of the shilling to the dollar. We have got selfish politicians and on the other hand an irresponsible press. By scaring away tourists, this meant that fewer dollars flowed in, the dollar appreciated, and made things difficult for the Kasita. However, for the exporters, this presented better opportunity to make more dollars. However, it is sacrilege to have political actors who tell lies about the destiny of the Ugandan people. I congratulate the Parliament of Uganda for administering democratic political kiboko to the FDC during the EALA elections. (loud chattering and clapping from NRM MPs.) The egocentrism of Dr Besigye and his group has totally excluded them from the right thinking members. The fujo will stop when we pass the public order management bill. I congratulate the police for stopping Besigye and his group for attempting to overthrow the constitution (loud cheers from NRM MPs). Unfortunately there were some death. The media is also another corrupt, irresponsible and unprofessional group. Some of my supporters have been asking me for money to bribe DJs so that we get favourable coverage. It is the duty of every media house radio, TV or newspaper to ensure they give balanced coverage on any story. Any media house that doesn’t do it will lose out. I will show you how if they continue. We don’t have to bribe anybody; the power of licenses belongs to the state. Otherwise the country is peaceful. The UPDF is much stronger than ever before. There are only a few gaps in our overall defense which will be closed in upcoming budgets. Ugandans have relaxed with HIV/AIDS. I hear prevalence rates have gone up to 7percent. 3,500 new infections per annum, what a big shame. Why should anybody get HIV/AIDS today when the information about prevention is available. HIV/AIDS is transmitted by promiscuity. On Nodding disease: there is a strong suspicion that river blindness may be causing nodding disease. So after consulting some health workers I decided to launch a mass treatment against river blindness. Here I don’t want to quarrel with my leaders because here I don’t want to embarrass some people. River blindness is a totally curable disease. You need to take medicine two times a year. Madam Speaker I congratulate you, your deputy and honorable members upon completing some work of parliament over the past year. You passed 20 bills, 40 motions and resolutions for better or worse. There were 23 reports considered, 20 petitions, and 20 ministerial statements. Finally, I congratulate the Rt Hon Margaret Zia who was elected as Speaker of the East African Legislative Assembly the other day. There was some confusion that there was an official candidate. There was no official candidate. So I would want you to be more careful. You can play your games here within Uganda but when it comes to other countries please. The president is the one in charge of foreign affairs and I would advise you to be cautious when it comes to external relations. You don’t campaign for speakership; they should actually drag you because to be a speaker is to be a non-speaker. You sit there and you moderate. You do it fairly. So it should be the people to look for you. So I was not happy to hear that our people, Wanyoto, my daughter was campaigning, Dora Byamukama was campaigning, Zziwa, this is not good. Anyway we sorted this out. When you go to East Africa know that East Africa is East Africa. President Museveni goes on to say that one of the challenges that the economy faced in the past financial year was because of the actions of some opposition politicians. He goes on to say that Besigye's "lawlessness" contributed to the scarcity of the dollars and scared tourists for some time. Some opposition politicians loudly disagree. He goes on to say that this was also increased by the "carelessness" of some sections of the media. He cites a Daily Monitor photo that showed demonstrators ordered to lie in the grass by the Police who had arrested them. President Museveni goes on to say that the photo made it seem like the detainees were dead. The law and management act, once passed, President Museveni adds, will effectively "deal" with these attempts to "disorganise" the economy. Corruption and selfishness "chasing away" investors from Uganda. President Museveni says a law should be made to deal with these selfish individuals who ruin the chances of the "bride" (Uganda) from getting investors. President Museveni says that he demands the clamour for more pay by public servants must stop so the government can concentrate on the development of the roads and electricity sector. The only public servants who deserve to demand a payrise are the scientists, who cannot be easily replaced. If a teacher leaves, he can easily be replaced but it is not so easy to replace a doctor. Replies to heckler that that he is confused if he confuses jets with salary increases. Says that the jets are the umbrellas of Uganda. They are for protection. President Museveni identifies the core issues of the economy that need development as defence and security, law and order, electricity, roads , health, tourism and scientific innovation. Only when these are addressed will the government consider salary increases. Details According to UNRA and myself as President who has traversed all over the country, there are 44 roads in Uganda with a total length of 3,466km that need to be tarmacked. The estimated cost is US 4 billion or 9 trillion shillings according to the rough estimates of UNRA. One opposition MP shouted: What do we do? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Museveni retorted: I will tell you what to do. This is the state of the nation address. (loud clapping from NRM MPs.) Which means I am the President of Uganda (even louder cheers) which means when I am speaking you have to listen to the President. Today I stand here with pride as one of the founders of NRM ever since 1971 when we started the struggle against criminality and misrule in Uganda. The clamour for higher pay by public servants and political leaders is really unfair to the rest of 34million Ugandans. The good thing to do, now that we have some money, is to serve the many before we serve the few. If we were patriotic and we undertook a voluntary salary cut, we would build all these roads. But while I am waiting for patriotic offers about salary cuts, I have initiated some talks with NSSF regarding the possibility of borrowing some money from them to build some of the roads. NSSF doesn’t have much money it only has 2.8trillion possibly we could borrow 1 trillion. That would cover some of the roads but not only of them. “One opposition MP shouted, we can borrow from Mbabazi…” loud laughter. With oil, we shall be able to do all of this. In the meantime, I demand that the clamour for more pay and allowances by public servants and political leaders must stop so that we concentrate on roads and infrastructure. The only public servants that deserve a salary increment are the scientists. A teacher can be dismissed and we get another one. But if a doctor is not there, we can not. Kadaga: Hon. Members you will have opportunity to debate the President’s address so don’t disturb him. Museveni: They are not disturbing me they are just checking to see if am still sharp. I can choose to listen to them or not. The promise we made to other civil servants of a pay increment of Shs 240b will proceed this financial year. Once we build a road, it will remain for 20 years. Salaries are monthly. When we build a base for our economy, we shall all be better off. One category that has been neglected with pay increases are the councilors and LC1 chairpersons who are left out. These persons monitor government programs…a provision of about 20bn per annum provided creation of those new villages and sub counties stop will sort them out. "Where are their bicycles?" Opposition MPs shouted. Museveni retorted: The ones who ate their bicycles are being forced to vomit them. “After all they are Ugandans although they are lost. As a Christian I am commanded by Jesus to look for the lost sheep.” Therefore those who are pushing for salary increments at this time before we build a base for our economy are committing a grave mistake. “Opposition shout out: Kayihura. Museveni says Kayihura has done a good job and deserves a pay rise for dealing with the likes of Nandala. President Museveni says that he stands proudly in parliament today as one of the founders of the NRM party since 1971. He goes on to say that when the NRM came into power, the country was collecting taxes amounting to 5m shs in 1986 and it is now 7000bn shillings. Says that if this money was distributed in a guerrilla way, the government certainly could build all the roads itself, but since the government is against criminality and procedure of the law, this has slowed down the work on all the roads that need to be repaired or built. President Museveni says that Uganda could have developed much faster if the issue of infrastructure had not been so dependent on donor funds. Uganda needs 11,000 mega watts to be where Malaysia is. When Bujagali is completed, Uganda will only be able to achieve 781 megawatts. This, President Museveni says, will not be enough. Uganda needs more factories, not bars, beauty saloons and fuel stations like those of Nandala Mafabi and boda bodas President Museveni goes on to say that he does not own a single shop, or shopping malls and that this is because it is an ideological reason. This is because Uganda needs more factories than anything else. President Museveni says that he has heard some say the economy is full of "Indian factories." He disputes this and says that those are not Indian factories, Indian factories are to be found in India. The factories are for Uganda, owned by Indian families. They however increase Ugandan GDP and not Indian GDP. He urges that this "ignorant" talk should stop. Opposition MPs are attemptng to derail Mr Museveni as he reads his speech by heckling. The NRM leader has hit back at them and said: "It is not budget, you just talk without serious thinking." Museveni begun delivering his speech at 3:08 "As usual I will start my State of the Nation Address with the economy. This time however I will concentrate on only 4 aspects 1. The recovery of the economy in the last 26 years …mumbles from the opposition 2. Disagreement between us on priority of scarce resources and its implication on the delay 3. Sabotage of vital development projects by the indiscipline by various actors including some political leaders 4. Corruption as well as selfishness. Before I talk about these, I would like to talk about the five reasons as to why the Ugandan economy has recovered since 1986. 1) Security of persons and property brought about by NRA/M and more specifically the discipline of the NRA. Certainly that wasn’t brought by Mafabi or any of these gentlemen. Not an iota have the Mafabi’s brought to stability. Bassaja has been stealing because of stability. And he is stealing because there is something to steal. He will be handled by the courts of law and will not be found floating as a body on the Nile as used to happen. President Museveni arrived to deliver the state of the nation address ten minutes ago and immediately inspected a guard of honour. Speaker Rebecca Kadaga has proclaimed the precincts of Serena Hotel as the Parliamentary chamber to allow Mr Museveni deliver his speech. The plush environs of the Serena Hotel in Kampala is host to President Museveni’s delivery of the State of the Nation Address this Thursday afternoon. The address, expected to be delivered in a few moments, precedes the reading of the National Budget which is due next week. Mr Museveni’s address also marks the opening of the second session of the 9th Parliament. Guests are slowly trickling into the Serena Conference Hall. Parliament Speaker Rebecca Kadaga is expected, by proclamation, to declare the precincts of this hotel as part of Parliament, a symbolic action to allow Mr Museveni deliver his speech because the law stipulates that the State of the Nation Address is delivered by the President to Parliament. The choice of venue for comes as no surprise given the large number of MPs—386 in total—and numerous invited guests, all of whom cannot fit comfortably in the Parliamentary Chambers. Serena Hotel has been chosen to host the event for the last three years. Several MPs have already made their way to the conference hall, including a legion of diplomats, government officials, religious leaders and the press corps. However, for an event that was scheduled to kick off at 2:00pm, the spectacle of several empty seats in this 1500 plus seat conference hall tells of what promises to be a poorly attended event. The one issue that many appear to be waiting for with bated breath is Mr Museveni’s comments on the state of the Ugandan economy.

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