Sunday, June 24, 2012


We thank God for the guidance He has given our king His Highness Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II to see to innovations and good counsel that has helped the people in Buganda to be beneficiaries of innovations by his leadership. When Mulwanyamuli was Katikiiro of Buganda, there was a time he wanted to talk to the people who were by then listeners of Radio Uganda. The subject of his talk was based on Federism, and he was not given opportunity. This prompted him to present the problem to the Buganda Parliament *Lukiiko' which gave a go ahead to start Buganda's own mouth piece. 16 years ago, the radio Station opened, and today the radio is a big mobilizer for development, and a good contributor to government Revenue. What has constrained Buganda Kingdom developments is the bad decisions made at different fora like when the radio station was put off air for over air. There is reluctance by the Central Government to pay rents due to Buganda for the properties the Government is renting. These are unfortunate developments. However, we the people of Buganda are grateful to the Kabaka of Buganda and all those who think hard on how to get programmes to the people in the hard times, and in many cases the scheming has paid off more so after the mobilization by CBS FM radio. The Building in the photo is another innovation by Buganda Government. it is Muganzirwaza which when open is expected to and to the income of the kingdom. The efforts of Buganda land-board in realizing resources to see the building a reality are highly commended. Kasubi Tombs caretakers pose with portraits of the four kings who were buried at the burnt site. Buganda administration has the big challenge to see that the Kasubi tombs that were burnt are put in even a far better shape than was the case before they got burnt. Above is the photo impression of the Kasubi tombs before they got burnt. William Kituuka Kiwanuka

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