Sunday, June 10, 2012


One day, I hopefully will depart this world like many who have before me. I pray that my body is buried because, more so. by the nature of our politics, a person of my nature can easily be killed without trace. I belong to the Church of Uganda. I would love to be buried at St. Peters' Church of Uganda Ssisa. Below are Church Hymns that I would wish are sang to see me off when that time comes they are: 1. Waliwo ensi esinga eno - Hymn 229/188 2. Yesu byona abimanyi, kinsanyusa - Hymn 335/249 3. Mmwe mugegenda wa bannange - Hymn 318/269 4. Kwata omukono gwange, ndi munafu - Hymn 315/265 5. Nnina omukwano gwange, ye - Hymn 333/247 William KituukaKiwanuka

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