Thursday, July 19, 2012


Uganda welcomes former President Bill Clinton, and there is a lot to learn from him. He is an epitome of disciplined leaders and professional governance managers, a distinguished statesman from whom Uganda can borrow a leaf. In this regard, the NRM NEC leaders can only show that they love Uganda (patriotic) when they get to replace Museveni. With all due respect, what goes on in Uganda is clear testimony that he is a tired man (mukowu). Remember, before tampering with the 1995 Uganda Constitution to remove the term limits, Museveni was supposed to go latest in 2006, and even then he was already a tired man. Billions of shillings are getting lost and the matter is just put below the carpet. By now, all Ugandans would be having identity cards, it is however sad, only 400 have been produced, with the project stalled and calling for more money to see it executed! The scandals in polls are a big shame to NRM, more so that they used the rigged 1980 elections to wage the destructive 5 year bush war which brought the regime to power! Unprecedented corruption, surely the vice has reached unacceptable levels and yet some of the implicated though not prosecuted are within the executive! The patronage, a major strategy that has helped Museveni to retain power has cost the country trillions of shillings, and still consuming more. It is no surprise that a few are extremely well off and the building industry booming in an economy that has stagnated. Uganda will remain an under developed country as long as Museveni policies are given more years to flourish. For Museveni to have presided over the depreciation of the shilling to the level it has reached cannot be excused. Before one takes on the duty to lead a country, he/she ought to understand in concrete terms why the value of the currency has to be kept high, but a leader who is unconcerned about investments made, hence gets to pour money un-backed by production, is simply untenable in modern times of the knowledge economy. Billions of shillings are being put into useless districts’ creation project, yet even the existing districts are simply limping on. Surely, a Government that by now would know that effective change can be done when the sub-counties are strengthened is simply increasing uncalled for consumption at the expense of sensible developments that would be done! The debt in which the country is leaves a lot desired. Much of the donor funds have not been put to what they would have actually done in totality, and yet much of what has been done has been at highly inflated costs. It is no surprise that many developments have come up with disputable ownership as people from no where pose as owners of properties you under normal circumstances cannot give them. That is Museveni’s Uganda for which he is so proud! The ill advised Government policies that have increased poverty throughout the country are another worry if Museveni does not leave the chair as soon as possible. It is currently extremely difficult to locally produce industrially for both the local and foreign market given that the cost of utilities is averagely on the high. The electricity tariffs are one case in point. It is absurd that Museveni has extended his dictatorship to ensure that what people cherish is kept at bay, courtesy of the military background he is. The people want to address the badly distributed national cake through a federal arrangement, but trust Museveni, this is more of a dream as long as he remains at State House! Museveni, in his efforts to show power to the Buganda establishment has presided over a Government that is reluctant to pay rent dues to Mengo for the premises his Government rents. He is reluctant to see all the properties that belong to Buganda Government! By William Kituuka Kiwanuka ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FORMER US PRESIDENT CLINTON EXPECTED By Henry Mukasa and Hellen Mukiibi Former U.S. President Bill Clinton is expected in Uganda this week on a private trip during which he will tour various humanitarian projects. "True, President Clinton is coming on a private visit to promote the projects run by his foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative," Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary, Ambassador James Mugume said on Tuesday. “He will also meet President Yoweri Museveni.” According to his website, Clinton will on Friday visit a CGI Building Tomorrow Academy near Masaka and also tour CHAI National Medical Store and Prescription Distribution Center in Entebbe. Clinton, on an African tour since July 15, has been to: South Africa, Mozambique, Lesotho, Tanzania, Kenya and now Rwanda. Today, he is expected to attend the opening of the Butaro Cancer Center of Excellence located outside Rwanda’s capital, Kigali. President Clinton established the CGI in 2005 to convene global leaders to create and implement innovative solutions to the world's most pressing challenges. In his post-presidential work, Clinton has continued to build upon his longstanding commitment to Africa through the work of his Foundation by providing investment and opportunity to underserved communities. The Clinton Foundation's programs in Africa are enabling sustainable development for families and communities, strengthening health systems and expanding access to treatments, addressing climate change, and turning ideas into action by implementing commitments. Clinton, who was last in Uganda in 1998 as sitting US President, visited Finca microfinance, Makerere University and Kisowera Primary School in Mukono. Now aged 65, Clinton was President of the U.S. for eight years, from January 1993 to January 2001. He was the 42nd President of the U.S.

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