Saturday, July 21, 2012


Before the 2016 General Elections, Uganda should have evolved a new formula that will lead to a just demarcation of constituencies; this, where each constituency is determined by a given number of people. The current formula is very unfair, and has proved very expensive to the tax payer for no justifiable economic sense, probably it makes political sense to the NRM. We must accept that Uganda is so impoverished, and the more we have uneconomic expenditures, the more the country will sink. Can you imagine that by 2016 the Parliament may have not less than 400 MPs, surely, this does not make economic sense, if we have planners at all. It is important to come up with a new Voter Register as well. There is no doubt that the current voter register have a number of ghosts which gives those who cheat in any election to inflate the voter numbers without exceeding the number on the register! It should be realized that in absence of the Identity cards, the Voter cards issued in 2001 will by 2016 have long reached expiry as photos on them will not be reflecting the actual appearance of the holders. In a Budget Monitoring and Accountability Unit (BMAU) Briefing Paper No. 12/11 of September, 2011 on Wastage in Uganda's Primary Schools, it was found that 1.6% teachers in primary schools were ghosts; 2.7% primary schools were ghosts as well as ghost children. When ghosts are eliminated in primary schools, the Government would save a minimum of shs 26.68bn! Given the trend in primary schools, it is obvious that the Voter Register has ghosts, which ghosts ought to be removed to have elections that reflect the wishes of the people. William Kituuka Kiwanuka Refer to the link below for Electoral Commission Act 1997

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