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When the search for Vice - Chancellor took off in 2009, Prof. Luboobi was an interested party, however, he had to leave off before contesting. It is not clear why Baryamureba does not leave office as the search goes on. It is said that Barya is a wealthy man, he has the money according to some University sources. There is fear that while in office, he stands big chance of influencing the search process. In the name of fairness, Barya should leave office and contest with others on the same ground. William Kituuka Kiwanuka ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MAKERERE UNIVERSITY SEARCHES FOR NEW VICE-CHANCELLOR Published: May 01, 2009 By Francis Kagolo and Fortunate Ahimbisibwe MAKERERE University has started searching for a new vice-chancellor to replace Prof. Livingstone Luboobi, whose term of office ends on May 31. The University Council has appointed a five-member committee, headed by Christine Kiganda, to search for a replacement. Stephen Maloba, the head of the universityĆ¢€™s appointment board and a former commissioner in the education ministry, is a member to the committee. The committee is also to search for two deputy vice-chancellors to replace those whose contracts end in September. The search process, which is to last for about two months, will be conducted following the guidelines on appointment of the university management approved recently. The guidelines allow non-staff members to compete for the three top jobs and the vice-chancellor should not be over 60 years of age. The committee will select candidates and forward them to the Senate to nominate three of them for recommendation to the council. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHAT IS BARYA'S NEW PLOT FOR MAKERERE? published; July 24, 2012 By Vision Reporter Prof. Venansius Baryamureeba says that if he is given another mandate to run the university for more years, he will continuously revamp the institution to make it one of the most prized ones on the continent. In his plans, based on the presentation he made, Prof. Barya wants to improve the institutions’ financial management, have inclusive decision making, adopt Open financial governance, start mandatory quarterly appraisals at College level, and mainstream gender issues. He explained that the university’s “operating revenues have been increasing at an annual rate of 4.8% since 2008. This is compared to operating expenses increasing at an annual rate of 6.3% in the same period.” This means that the university’s operating expenses have consistently exceeded operating revenues from 2008 to 2010, which means the university was living beyond its own means, an issue he wants overturned. Consequently, the university has registered deficits from 2008 to 2010, totaling to sh26.7bn. However, operating revenues have only exceeded operating expenses in 2011, giving a surplus of sh7.8bn. He said that the university also needs an independent need assessment exercise performed, “to confirm that it is not carrying “excess” staff.” The university “must seek to take advantage of outsourcing in order to reduce its staff numbers and related costs. There is also need to re-engineer its processes and take advantage of technological replacement models, so as to precipitate an efficient and effective human capital compliment.” Aggressive general cost control and a cost-sharing culture, Prof. Barya says, has to be inculcated into Makerere’s day-to-day operations in all units, “supported by a cost management information system.” He added that, “We also plan to enhance the current institutional leadership structures, establish a balanced score card and ensure successful utilisation of donor grants. There is also need for infrastructural maintenance and this will become mandatory every year in the budget.” Prof. Barya also said that the university plans to establish ICT facilities’ hire purchase program, a staffs’ Health Insurance scheme, and to also support efforts to improve the living wage. He also wants to review mandatory retirement age for senior academic staff and revamp the students’ sanitary facilities. Makerere used to be the best sporting institution, with massive teams fronted in various sports, a culture which is gradually dying out. But, Prof. Barya says that he wants to revamp the student sporting facilities, social amenities, on top of revising the halls of residences’ solidarities as platform for social engagement. Makerere, as it is gradually getting overcrowded, he says there are plans to refurbish, upgrade and setup new teaching and learning infrastructure by 2014, increase teaching budget and instructional materials and do periodical review of academic programmes. This is in addition to lobbying the Government for more funds, on top of developing the university land. There are also plans to bring private tuition at per with government funding, and diversification of the revenue source base. For the time he has been in office, he cited a number of achievements which included quicker service delivery, improved university visibility, research development and massive funding for the university. According to the online research assessment tools, Makerere University is ranked 8th in Africa and 6th in Sub-Saharan Africa. In the latest University Ranking by Academic Performance, Makerere University is 802nd in the world and 8th in Africa. Students are receiving transcripts before graduation and Certificates on graduation days, there is automated student services like registration and fees payment, and an improved lead time for academic staff promotions.

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