Monday, July 2, 2012


It is absurd that some people including a whole Doctor can be so myopic and imagine that a 5th term for the overstayed President Museveni is priority for Uganda. It is a great shame. The country whose debate should be on how to fine tune the messed economy, how to make better the wrong priorities, can have people shamelessly campaigning for another term for Museveni, shame upon the misguided advocates. It will make a lot od sense if the current Parliament bails the country from the problem of succession. It is sad that some people want State House to start giving them favours because they advocate for Museveni's other term. This points to problems of countries like Uganda which are under developed not because they don't have people with ideas, but they have those so-called doctors who are useless as regards the prospects for the countries future. Instead of coming with strategies for a better country, they are looking for favours from state House. Shame! Uganda deserves better. We want the succession clearly spelt out. William Kituuka Kiwanuka ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MUSEVENI 5th TERM LAUNCHED IN SHEEMA Sunday, 01 July 2012 21:58 Written by Wilber Muhwezi
President Museveni (with hat) in Sheema on Saturday where the youth launched his 5th term bid Sheema – The Sheema North MP, Dr Elioda Tumwesigye, on Saturday led the district youth leaders to launch the 2016 presidential bid for Yoweri Museveni. Mr Museveni had just commissioned Kihunda health centre III in Kagango sub-county, Sheema district, when Tumwesigye made his move. The youth leaders gave President Museveni a spear and a stool and urged him to sit on the stool and hold the spear. These traditional instruments are symbols of power in the culture of Ankole and many other parts of Uganda. Museveni has ruled Uganda since 1986 and by 2016, he will have been in power for 30 years. Although various political, religious and civil society leaders have urged the president to retire in 2016, to allow peaceful transition to new leadership, Saturday’s events must have pulled his thoughts in a totally different direction. “The president, after receiving these traditional tools of power from Sheema district youth leaders, hereby launches the fifth term bid for presidency,” Tumwesigye said. “As you know, the youth are the majority voters; therefore, if they throw their weight behind the president together with other Ugandans, the president will win,” he added. He implored Museveni not to worry about walk-to-work activities of the opposition because he still had solid support in Uganda. While acknowledging NRM’s recent loss of the Bushenyi-Ishaka municipality parliamentary seat to FDC’s Odo Tayebwa, the first such loss in Museveni’s Ankole home sub-region, Tumwesigye swore the precedent would be contained and not be allowed to extend to any other constituency in the sub-region. In his speech, Museveni never commented on the launched 2016 presidential bid; he only thanked the people for voting him overwhelmingly in the 2011 presidential elections. As the president commissioned the Kihunda health centre and visited former UPC strongman Chris Rwakasisi, in Rutooma village, Kabwohe-Itendero town council, Sheema district, the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, attended a fundraising function at Nkinga SS, Mitooma district, invited by Maj Gen Kahinda Otafiire. Sheema and Mitooma districts were carved out of Bushenyi district in June 2010. At Kihunda, Museveni urged people to concentrate on wealth creation as government works on service delivery. He warned men who spend all the time drinking alcohol, playing cards and leave the work of production to women. He warned them to rethink and embark on development. Museveni also warned people against listening to radios and political bimeezas (call-in programmes) all the time. “By the way, Mengo [seat of Buganda Kingdom] spoilt its youth by involving them in listening to talk shows and bimeezas instead of engaging in development,” he said. “I have taken many months without listening to radios and I am going on well with my usual work,” Museveni added. He said those who stole money meant for local councillors’ bicycles had been arrested and the bicycles would soon reach the intended beneficiaries. This statement was prompted by a plea by the chairperson LC1 of the area who complained of lack of transport while doing his work. Museveni pledged to extend electricity to Kihunda health centre III and surrounding areas, and an ambulance for the district.

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