Friday, July 20, 2012


Essay/Poetry Competition The theme of the competition is personal experiences – WHAT DOES UGANDA MEAN TO YOU – restricted to children and grandchildren of the Ugandan diaspora. You may submit an essay or poem – 1,000 words in total, to be submitted by August 15 2012. To be submitted by email. There will be two categories: 1) Ages 18 and Under; 2) Age 19 – 35. One winner in each category will be announced on September 8th. Each winner will receive a prize of $500.00. These prizes were donated by an individual who suggested these age groups. We thought this was fine because the intention was to get our younger people who don’t have much contact with Uganda to think about Uganda. Those of you who are older, do write something as we would love to publish some interesting stories in our Souvenir Booklet. WEBSITE:

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