Saturday, May 1, 2010

Minister Nakiwala Kiyingi is wrong on not giving Naggalabi the priority regarding securing

Before Buganda gets over the shock of the burning of Muzibu azaala Mpanga (Kasubi Tombs), it is very possible that Buganda’s enemies may strike another site anytime. On Friday, April 30 2010, Minister Kiyingi got a visitor who is in charge of the security at Kabaka’s coronation site found at Buddo – Naggalabi. The visitor appealed to the Minister that the site be worked on as a matter of urgency as is the case of Kasubi tombs. To the proposal, the Minister said that the on – going efforts were to rehabilitate the tombs; and that the coronation site had a budget of its own which had been submitted to prospect donors by the time the Kasubi tomb was burnt. The Naggalabi man says that he has no means of repulsing armed attackers if they made an attempt on to the site, and that such wrong elements could do anything they may want.
I am of the opinion that Buganda Government should take the Naggalabi Coronation site as an urgent area which has to be worked on as soon as possible before enemies strike. The site has just a tree which if burnt, you can not think of a natural replacement.
What does it cost Mengo to appeal to the people of good will to provide building materials so that within a week or so a perimeter wall is built around the place and serious security is put in place.
We need to wake up to the challenges we are faced with, we simply cannot wait for things to happen and we take them as accidents or sabotage. I am sure there are youth out there who are ready to go to Naggalabi and work if they can be given transport and food for their stay.
Owek. Nakiwala Kiyingi, that is how I see these things.

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