Sunday, October 7, 2012


I cannot fail to have sleep when the NRM Government comes up with a policy which disadvantages local languages including Luganda. We have gone along way with the NRM Government more so where direct hatred has been shown a number of issues. The Government ought to know that languages have to evolve. We have people holding PhD’s in Luganda Language including Buganda Minister of Education. Many teachers are specialized in teaching Luganda and other languages are coming up. There is no way the Central Government can stop schools to teach local languages. If the situation is so bad, these schools can have Luganda and other local languages as Extra Curricular activities. Surely, time is ripe for us to use our common sense and overcome hurdles. There was the evolution of the Luganda dictionary. I don’t think Buganda Government went kneeling to the central Government for the funding. We have to do what we see as best for out posterity. When it comes to examinations, Buganda sets examination papers; so surely, there is no big deal with the Central Government ill advised policies. William Kituuka kiwanuka

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