Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Tinkasimire's wife and a girl in a health facility
Tinkasimire is paying for his views in Parliament. My simple advice to Museveni is that his ledership is the reason people with ideas like Tinkasimire are victims of their views. But what those in power have to know, for all the deeds of those who are royal to them, there will be a time when they will pay. William kituuka Kiwanuka ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Unknown arsonists have set ablaze the home of Buyaga West legislator Barnabas Tinkasimire. Mr Tinkasimire, chairs the Presidential Affairs committee of Parliament that recommended the pulling down of a building that was being built in a road reserve on Nile Avenue near Garden City in Kampala, last month. The suspects set the house alight at about 3 am today. The house is located in Kitete C, Ham Mukasa Zone, Mukono Central Division The fire seriously injured Ms Agnes Tinkasimire the MP’s ex-wife and her unidentified maid, who were in the house at the time of the attack. The two who were in a critical condition, have been hospitalised at Mulago Hospital. Mr Tinkasimire who was on his way to the home, by the time Daily Monitor contacted him, said he suspects that people who have been calling and threatening him could be behind the attack. “Since my committee recommended that KCCA pulls down that building, I have been receiving threats that my property would be razed and I informed Police,” Mr Tinkasimire said. He said the Mukono house is valued at about Shs150 million. The independent-minded and vocal National Resistance Movement MP said he gave the house to his ex-wife who rented out the servant quarters. The officer in charge of crime investigations at Mukono Police Station, Henry Mugumya, has said they recovered a jerrycan containing petrol outside the wall-fenced house. “The attackers spayed red pepper at the scene which confused our sniffer dogs from tracing them. But this does not mean that we shall not follow them,” Mr Mugumya said. Kampala Bya Henry Nsubuga ABANTU abatannategeerekeka balumbye amaka g'omubaka wa Buyaga mu Paalamenti Barnabas Tinkasiimire agasangibwa e Mukono ne bagateekera omuliro ne gwokya mukyala we we Agnes Tinkasiimire n'owooluganda lwe Caroline Owino. Agnes Tinkasiimire ne Awino baddusiddwa mu ddwaliro e Mukono erya Namirembe Health Centre IV nga bali mu mbeera mbi. Poliisi ezikiriza omuliro yeegasse ku batuuze ne bazikiza omuliro ogwabadde gumaze okusanyaawo ebintu by'omu nnyumba bya bukadde na bukadde bwa ssente. Fred Ssemwanga ofiisa akulira abazikiriza omuliro ku poliisi e Bweyogerere yagambye nti abaateekedde ennyumba omuliro beeyambisizza amafuta ga peetulooli oluvannyuma lw'okuzuula obudoomala obukalu abazigu bwe beeyambisizza. DPC wa poliisi y'e Mukono Ashraf Chemonges Seiko eyalambudde ennyumba eno yategeezezza nti bagenda kweyambisa abakugu ba poliisi okuzuula abaakoze ekikolwa kino.

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