Monday, October 29, 2012


Dr. Richard Ntege Kiwanuka, you are dearly missed by all; fellow OBs have had to do without your input for a whole 23 years!
You struggled so hard, you showed St. Mary's College Kisubi administration that you were an academic giant. As a Human Rights Lawyer with good morals, you decided to leave Uganda when the going with Idi Amin proved difficult.
You were able to read for a Master very fast and got your degree from Canada. That was not enough, you decided to look for a scholarship to Australia where you struggled very hard and got a PhD.
Shortly afterwards while in New Zealand, the sad news reached Uganda that you had breathed your last!
Your parents are greatly pained, but God has helped them to endure through the 23 years without you. When you briefly called around in 1988, they never knew that they were not to see you again, but God planed otherwise.
They have all the hope that they will be re-united with you when God calls them to Himself.
God, Rest Richards' Soul in eternal peace. Amen.


  1. You were loved and you will always be remembered

  2. Hello Mr. William Kituuka