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Kabaka's Government Policy Objectives Enhancing organisational and institutional Structures: The Buganda Kingdom Cabinet a) To enhance the Kingdom's Cabinet so as to enable it perform its role and functions effectively and efficiently. b) To ensure that all ministries come up with project proposals that will sustain their ministries (project base ministries). c) Performance Management Plan by the Cabinet for result oriented government. d) Undertaking a functional analysis. e) Create enabling environment for stronger networking with other institutions, organisations and local authorities (District Chairpersons, Parliamentarians etc) through motivating them to have a sense of belonging. f) Strengthening mutual cooperation with other kingdoms. g) To be proactive in participating in the debates that lead to the emergence of central government programmes, and when these programmes are being implemented, to use all means to ensure that they are not only implemented effectively for the benefit of the people of Buganda but also to create synergies that lead to magnifying their impacts on the people of Buganda. The Buganda Parliament (Lukiiko) a) To strengthen the operations of the Lukiiko especially by ensuring follow ups on progress of Cabinet tasks. b) To review the composition of the Buganda Lukiiko and ensure that it comprises representatives from all counties of Buganda and other interested groups. This will serve to disseminate the Kingdom policies and to urge the people to rebuild the Kingdom. c) To strengthen the Buganda Lukiiko sectoral Committees and to enable them achieve their objectives Civil Service a) To streamline all issues pertaining to staff motivation especially remunerations which should also inspire and encourage other people to serve the Kingdom. b) To establish a performance appraisal system to evaluate and assess individual employees of the Kingdom in terms of their work performance and contribution to the achievement of the Kingdom goals and objectives throughout the appraisal period. c) To establish a system/Scheme for staff training and development. The Kabaka's Chiefs To strengthen the administration of the Kabaka's Chiefs from the village level to county level and to make them agents of development. Strengthening Cultural and Social assets Clan Systems In Buganda, the social security system is built on clans and family values. The Kingdom government policy is to strengthen clan institutions and promote cultural values through: i. Strengthening Clan institutions by ensuring that each clan undertakes economic projects and builds its ancestral places (obutaka) to acceptable standards. ii. Mobilising people to protect and preserve Buganda’s culture and heritage. iii. Encouraging clan heads to advocate for stronger networking within their respective clans to create greater capacity for mobilisation. iv. Mobilising Baganda entrepreneurs to engage in corporate social responsibility to form a strong development force. v. Reviving Buganda's social cohesion along the family and clan ties, to serve as a basis for voluntary communal work, entrepreneurship development, and ethical conduct. “Ekisaakaate” Programme To enhance and promote the “Ekisaakaate” (Children’s holiday residantial camp) programme, spearheaded by the Nnabagereka (Queen) under The Nnabagereka Development Foundation with the aim of imparting and enhancing good cultural values and norms, encouraging ethical standards and spiritual growth; providing psychological support needed by children to cope with delicate stages in their lives; revitalising and strengthening leadership roles, domestic duties and practical skills. Building Buganda KingdomFinancial Resource Assets To solicit for Buganda partners in trade and industry worldwide and to invite Investors to enter into joint ventures with Buganda Kingdom . To strengthen the operations of Buganda Investment and Commercial Undertakings Ltd (BICUL) and to ensure that it creates new business opportunities. To awaken and strengthen all companies that were created by BICUL which include: CTS, Royals Tours and Travel, etc and to create new others hence ensuring that they are manned professionally. Strengthening the Royal Treasury’s (Nkuluze) revenue sources to become self-sustaining To develop good relations between business communities in Buganda . To revive and strengthen BDA/BDC with new targets and restructure it to international standards. Targets to include: i. Develop new economic development plans for the Kingdom. ii. To do economic-based research. iii. Develop bankable project proposals for the Kingdom iv. Develop implantation strategies for development programmes. v. Solicit funding for various programmes. Strengthening Human Resource assets Every Muganda is a productive asset. The causes that limit their asset value include lack of education and skills, lack of inspiration, wrong attitude towards work, and poor health magnified by poor nutrition. The Buganda government policy is to work through the Kingdom's institutions to enhance the access of its people to social services by developing a more productive human resource in Buganda to: i. Adequately develop human capital through training school leavers in technical and artisan areas which are competitive in both internal and external markets. ii. Revive the practice of recognising all contributors to the restoration and development of the Kingdom of Buganda. iii. Implement schemes that recognise and appreciate Baganda achievers ( Emimuli gya Buganda ) at all levels to be role models for motivating and inspiring others especially the younger people. iv. Develop Muteesa I Royal University curricula and programmes oriented towards the market needs. v. Develop and implement strategies for equipping Muteesa I Royal University and developing its infrastructure. Public Administration The Kingdom of Buganda firmly believes in the internationally recognized right to self-determination by virtue of which all peoples in the world should be able to freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural aspirations. In the context of the Republic of Uganda, Buganda believes that this right can be fully enjoyed by the Baganda and other peoples of Uganda through a Federal system of governance. The Federal System would recognize the Federal states as the constituent and fundamental segments which make up the Republic of Uganda. The Federal states would constitutionally cede some of their power to the central government for the purpose of achieving efficiency and economies of scale. Save for the ceded powers all power would be vested in the people thus enabling the Federal states to provide services and enable the people of Uganda to achieve their economic, social and cultural goals and aspirations. The Federal System of governance would foster political harmony across the country and engender stability. It is an inbuilt safeguard that ensures “Uniform growth for all the regions of the country” , and additional measures for checks and balances hence minimizing corruption. It is therefore Buganda government policy to pursue a federal system of governance and it will continue to advocate for the same through the following measures: Sensitizing people in other parts of Uganda on the advantages of a federal system of governance. Emphasizing that the federal system of governance will not benefit only Buganda but will also foster unity and development throughout Uganda and therefore enhance the people’s standards of living. It is not intended to promote Buganda’s hegemony as some people have deliberately misreported. a) Buganda endeavours to preserve its position in a peaceful and prosperous Uganda. Therefore, the Buganda Kingdom will embark on efforts to increase awareness of not only the people of Buganda but also other Ugandans that the core reason Buganda is pursuing federal system of governance is not for a special status or to secede from Uganda, BUT to create space for cultural growth for each and every region ( Ggwanga ) in Uganda whether it has a king or not. b) To continue working hand in hand with the Central Government for the development of Buganda in particular and Uganda in general. c) To advocate for civic education emphasizing that divergent view on any given subject does not denote enmity with the Central Government and so does demand to reinstitution of assets and properties. Strengthening Natural Resource assets To utilize and develop all Buganda's resources which include: a) Land b) Buildings c) Cultural sites/natural heritage d) Natural sites like forests and rocks. Strengthen Buganda Land Board and ensure that it reserve landwhere commercial activities can be established Establish a Land Trust Fund to buy land in Buganda and reserve it for future generations Building Capacity to innovate through Science and Technology Innovation is driven by knowledge, skills, attitude and aspirations. It is therefore, Buganda Kingdom policy to impart the people of Buganda with knowledge and skills through: i. Restoring and promoting creativity especially among the Baganda youths in such activities as craftsmanship, weaving, carpentry, etc. This will be boosted by organizing competitions among schools. ii. Building vocational institutions in every county in Buganda to promote technical skills among the youth. iii. Establishing tele-centres in every sub-county to expose the people of Buganda to modern communication skills and to enable them to be aware of the world beyond the boundaries of their own villages/towns and immediate experiences. Demanding for the Restitution of Buganda's Assets and Properties ( Ebyaffe) a) To schedule discussions with the Central Government about reinstituting all Buganda 's assets and properties those are pending as mandated by the Constitution of Uganda. Assets and properties pending reinstitution are: 9,000 square miles of land. 1,500 miles of land with forests and wetlands. All official estates for Counties, sub- counties and ebitawuluzi at the parish level. By ensuring that the Central Government fulfils what it pledged to Buganda in the letter addressed to the Katikkiro dated 9 th July, 2002; to restore all county headquarters which will ease the administration of the Kingdom, thus very vital in disseminating the Kingdom's development programs to the people. They are also communication infrastructure that allows downward, upward, and horizontal information flow. Community mobilisation of Buganda a) To encourage Buganda's youth in the respective clans to foster development through such social activities as sports, education, etc. b) To promote sports activities and competitions. c) To disseminate information about the Kingdom through BUCADEF and co-operate societies and to ensure that Kingdom activities are beneficial to the people of Buganda in particular and Uganda at large. d) To promote social activities at sub - county level as a means of uniting people in Buganda. e) To strengthen and promote the roles of BUCADEF in every county in Buganda. To provide social services to the people in terms of health, sanitation and nutrition, etc. To encourage good standards of living in all homes in Buganda. To educate the people about better and modern farming methods for quality and higher yield. f) To enhance communication and thereby promoting Buganda's culture through setting up a TV station for Buganda Kingdom, opening up an official website for Buganda government and strengthening CBS radio. g) To build and develop Buganda without hindrances from political and religious affiliation. h) To strengthen the relationship between the Baganda and the people living in Buganda. i) To strengthen the relationship between the people of Buganda and other communities of Uganda. j) To promote Luganda as a language through songs, plays, etc. k) To promote and strengthen Buganda youth groups/ organizations to get involved in the development struggle of Bugada these includes: Nkobazambogo, Baanabakintu, Essuubi lya Buganda, etc. Revival of a sense of community responsibility There is need to revive a sense of community responsibility among the people whereby they serve, help and work for the Kingdom and Uganda in general in a selfless manner. This to be achieved through the following: a) By urging all people to participate in given community activities (bulungibwansi) among the people of Buganda including leaders at all levels with the Kabaka at the forefront as the driving force. This to include: Conserving nature through afforestation and burning polythene bags. Community work ( Bulungibwansi ) General cleaning of homes. Clearing water sources, canals and trenches. Ensuring that every home has a latrine/toilet. Clearing roads and building bridges where the need arises.

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