Wednesday, October 31, 2012


The Local Councils are so much after revenue. It is acceptable they need this money, however, they need to appreciate that money is not an end in itself. The NRM Government when it captured power found Uganda People’s Transport Company (UTC) and People’s Bus Company; there was the kayola train service as well as train transport. These services were killed, and what came up with the UTODA Business, which has exploited Ugandans for so long. There may be issues for Pioneer Easy Bus to sort, but the Local Councils who want Pioneer out of business may be living on mars. Even if these buses did not pay a penny but are able to keep transport fares manageable, ensure continuous procurement of more buses, if they can pay fairly those that are employed, as well as keep reliable, then these buses should not be disorganized. The taxis can be hopeless. If you see even now, the day when the buses are not their, the taxi cheats ask for any prices for the routes even if this means doubling the fares. It will be very unhuman and out of reach with reality if any local leaders force these buses off the roads. The people who use these buses know how the buses help them. The Local Government authorities ought to be very careful when they mishandle the Pioneer buses. If this company can get as many buses into the country, people will get more value for money as their peanut pay will earn. Secondly, there is need to de-congest the city. Recently, I witnessed a Namulundu Medical Service Ambulance which got to a standstill at Kibuye as the vehicles were not moving. We must get sense in this country, much as some areas are avenues for money for the local governments, we need a balance. William Kituuka

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